1. Zetetic says

    Ah, but were they consecrated wafers? Because it’s probably not as blasphemous if they weren’t.

  2. H.H. says

    Jesus really is the tastiest of all the gods. Cthulhu, on the other hand, is the god that finds us the tastiest.

  3. religion (not responding) says

    Did a chocolate coating help to make those things even remotely edible? I would rather just eat chocolate or better yet chocolate covered apples.

  4. 386sx says

    There could be a market for this. The wafers should be baked first, of course. Maybe two wafers! With marshmallow in the middle! Oh man…

  5. says

    Reminds of me of Seder dinner with friends! Jews have been onto this for a long time. One of the indulgences I’ve often had at Passover is maztzo dipped in chocolate!

    Google “matzo bark” for some ideas. With almonds, toffee, caramel, pistachios …

  6. says

    There could be a market for this. The wafers should be baked first, of course. Maybe two wafers! With marshmallow in the middle! Oh man…

    Toast ’em around the campfire – sacramental s’mores!

  7. MikeM says

    Because chololate is the work of Satan. Jesus H Christ, do I have to explain everything around here?

  8. scooter says

    Patricia @ 5
    Real Men don’t have to cover our Eucahrists in Chocolate for a good time, we have SLUTS!!!

  9. says

    I wonder how they would be covered in melted cheese and jalepeños?

    That’s nacho Jesus, that’s MY Jesus!

    Hey, I wonder if you could dampen them a bit and reshape them like “scoops”?

    (Sorry – galbinus_caeli and I are sitting in our home office at desks about 8 feet apart and giggling like schoolchildren….)

  10. God says

    Because chololate is the work of Satan.

    No. Wrong.

    Theobroma cacao, remember?

    And for you monkeys to eat any of it is utter, impious blasphemy.

  11. Andy James says

    Must be because the Host is a non-polar solute, and without alcohol would pass straight through as stool.

    Makes sense to me.

  12. David says

    Great fun and thanks for sharing the link to the blog. Always nice to find other great stories to read :)

  13. Wowbagger says

    Well it’s got to be a chocolate jesus

    Make me feel good inside

    Got to be a chocolate jesus

    Keep me satisfied

    Tom Waits, Chocolate Jesus

  14. says

    So if the wafer turns into Jesus’ body and the wine turns into Jesus’ blood, what part of Jesus do the milk and chocolate turn into?

    Sounds disgusting…

  15. Bride of Shrek OM says


    Personally this slut has a dislike for the sweet tooth. I’ll have mine with a fine wedge of aged blue cheese thanks. Maybe some quince paste slivered on top. With a drop of fine cab sav to wash it down.

    For you sugar eaters out there though I think you should wedge two together with a dollop of chocolate mousse in between. Like an Oreo but in negative.

  16. Sophist FCD says

    When the weather gets rough and it’s whiskey in the shade
    Best to wrap your savior up in cellophane
    He flows like the Big Muddy, but that’s OK
    Pour him over ice cream for a nice parfait…

  17. scooter says

    Bride of Shrek
    I’ll have mine with a fine wedge of aged blue cheese thanks.

    Yeah moldy leather seat musk.

    Please write to wife, showers are not sexy.


  18. Josh Wilson says

    They’re Sacrilegitastic! Thanks for visiting us, Dr. Meyers – we needed a dose of reality out here in Jesusland.

  19. Pikemann Urge says

    Jeez. Still with the wafers? The attempted witticisms you’ve encouraged are more bland than the (plain) wafers themselves.

  20. Burning Umbrella says

    “A spokeswoman for his Science Research Foundation (BAV) confirmed to Reuters that Oktar had been sentenced but said the judge was influenced by political and religious pressure groups.”

    Adnan Oktar has been had by “religious pressure groups”. Delicious like chocolate-cowered Jesus.

  21. F'tang F'tang says

    What ever happened to multiculturalism? Let’s hear it for sashimi and sake. Or haggis and scotch. Or carrot sticks and wheatgrass juice.

  22. dean says

    I’m not a wine fan. When you find out how they taste with a good whisky or bourbon, (followed by a cigar), let me know.

  23. Epinephrine says

    Funny you should mention chocolate and milk; I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and the deacon explained that marriage is like chocolate milk, combinbing two good things to make something even better. He said that if you watch a glass of chocolate milk, it’ll eventually separate, but if you give it a stir from time to time it stays together.

    Guess who stirs it? You know….

    Jesus. Yup, Jesus is the Nestlé Quik bunny.

    I was sitting in a row full of atheists, and there was much laughing at the long, tortured analogy.

  24. Blondin says

    #41, did he happen to mention whether the milk should be 2% or skim? What about homo? What kind of marriage would you get if you were homo milk? Would the church even support a homo milk marriage?

  25. Blondin says

    I know this is OT but somebody mentioned lactase and it reminded me…

    If “lactating” is producing milk via mammary glands then what is “vegetating”?

    (Images of bras full of radishes, peas and corn-on-the-cob…)

  26. Hieronymous Braintree says

    If all communion wafers suddenly became chocolate, would that prove Jesus was black?

  27. Karley says

    I partook in some chocolate Jesus. It wasn’t bad; kind of crumbly though.

    Jesus: Melts in Your Mouth, Not in You Hands.

  28. colluvial says

    Using communion wafers for dessert has a centuries-long tradition in Germany for making the soft, moist, cake-like cookie called Lebkuchen.

    From Wikipedia:

    Lebkuchen dough is usually placed on a thin wafer base called Oblate. This was an idea of the monks, who used unleavened communion wafer ingredients to prevent the dough from sticking. Typically, they are glazed or covered with very dark chocolate, but some are left uncoated.

  29. scooter says

    Blondin @42: What kind of marriage would you get if you were homo milk?

    Try to find a spouse who can survive pasteurization, it weeds out the wimps.

  30. Sabazinus says

    #2 said–Cthulhu, on the other hand, is the god that finds us the tastiest.

    Yes, and he wants you all to start basting. Now. Low sodium broth or BBQ sauce is his preference.

  31. Sarcastro says

    I watched an episode of Jack of All Trades last night wherein a hungover Napoleon – played brilliantly by Verne Troyer – was getting married and kept eating communion wafers (and washing them down with holy water) while waiting for the ceremony to commence.

  32. SASnSA says

    That’s utterly sacrilegious! How evil can you be?! You’re definitely going to hell for this one! How dare you taint the divine chocolate with those nasty jesus chips!

  33. tsg says

    Donahue is only going to foam at the mouth if these were magic wafers, PZ.

    Donahue will foam at the mouth for any reason that gets him in the public eye. The mere appearance of sacrilege is all he needs. After all, he did go after the YouTube videos and I highly doubt they were all consecrated. Not that he could tell either way.

  34. Dr. Mac says

    When my sister and I were kids one of us mis-heard a TV commercial for cheese crackers and it became one of our running jokes about communion (which we never took, being non religeous). It went something like this:

    We like munching,
    We like crunching,
    We like eating Jesus.

  35. Mad Hussein LOLscientist, FCD says

    Blondin asks:

    If “lactating” is producing milk via mammary glands then what is “vegetating”?

    A great way to make all those veggie-hating men out there start scarfing down multiple servings?

  36. NoFear ( says

    Did nobody make a comment yet about the appropriateness of the chocalate dipped host? If Jesus existed at all, he was most likely dark skinned, yes? So shouldn’t the body of christ be dark skinned as well? :-)

  37. says

    No Fear, #57

    Here’s the thing, in terms of latitude Galilee is as far north As the state of Utah. He wasn’t Scandinavian white, but he wasn’t all that dark either. Olive I believe is the descriptive term, though it’s not the color of any olive I’ve ever seen.