Cafe Scientifique tonight!

Tuesdays are not relaxing days for me; this is the day of the week when I sink into long class sessions for hours at a time. Somehow, I also decided that the last Tuesday of every month was also going to be the day for Cafe Scientifique, which I host here in town, and which I’m also giving today.

So come on out to the Common Cup Coffeehouse on Atlantic Avenue in Morris tonight, at 6:30pm, and watch a tired PZ give a talk. Don’t worry, though — I’m going to present a little travelogue on my cruise to the Galápagos Islands, with a little science sneakily snuck in here and there, which is going to be fun…so I’ll perk right up. I’ll just crash right after the talk.


  1. Ouchimoo says

    Ouch. That’s a little bit of a drive for coffee. . Bah it’s actually only 3 hours but still .. On a weekday, it’s kind of hard. Hmmm. Now if only I had known about your site when I still lived in Lowry would have gone probably every time I had the chance. :(

  2. matt says

    did you know that the christian charity Worldvision is advertising on your site? I know that what they do is pretty decent work (though sometimes they try to spread it by telling musicians that they can earn $10 per referral at a concert and that we should all offer to do shows for free but pass out Worldvision forms to concertgoers, which is bad business for us for sure), but just wanted to let you know.

  3. Qwerty says

    I’d come and listen but Morris is a bit too far. My talk of the week will be on Thursday when I trek to the State Theater to listen to one of my favorite historians David McCullough.

    I highly recommend any of his books. My favorite is “The Great Bridge” which details the struggle to build the Brooklyn Bridge.

  4. Josh Eckerle says

    Hey PZ i was just wondering what boat you were on while in the galapagos? I was there from July 15-25th and a lot of your pictures mimic mine.

    I’m sure you feel the same way about the Galapagos… and i have not stopped thinking about them since i have returned.