Get out your 3D glasses!

Unfortunately, I left my red-green glasses at home, on the arm of my comfy chair, I think, so I had to settle for watching me looking flat. I was interviewed by 3D Science News, and they’ve just put the video of the first part online. Don’t get your hopes up, Vincent Price was much better in the 3D House of Wax movie.


  1. says

    All the better I suppose, I hate those cheesy glasses… Please just tell me that the video doesn’t have that red/blue buzz the entire time…pwease?

  2. Abbie says

    lol red/blue 3D on the internet? What?

    They should have an option for two videos side-by-side if you can cross your eyes.

  3. MPG says

    There are non-anagylph versions for download as links below the streaming video. So for Abbie, yes there’s a side-by-side version (which should also satisfy you, Enshoku – you can just watch one of the views).

  4. Josh says

    Shouldn’t that be red/cyan not red/blue? If it were red/blue you would only see it in shades of red, blue, and purple without any yellows, greens, or whites.

  5. says

    For some reason, I have the red/blue glasses beside my computer. I’m not sure where they came from. I can’t see too much though. The titles do look like they’re floating in front of PZ, but the rest looks kind of flat. I’ll try the download version later.

  6. Eli says

    Mannik is right… that’s exactly what I was thinking of too.

    But who is going to be Bruno, Dr. Tongue’s assistant?

  7. Q says

    Josh (4), “If it were red/blue you would only see it in shades of red, blue, and purple without any yellows, greens, or whites.”

    Anaglyph images can be constructed with the third color to make it easier to view with the naked eye. This full color method would include yellows, greens, and whites. When using the glasses, the third color gets filtered out, just as if it weren’t there (ignoring the imperfections of the filters, of course.)

    This site shows the math of various anaglyph methods, including full-color.

  8. Azdak says

    You forgot your Red Green glasses? I suppose you left your duct tape in your other overalls, too, huh?

  9. Qwerty says

    QrazyQat – I disagree. I saw “Dial M for Murder” in 3D at the Cedar Theater in Mpls some years ago and left the theater with a HUGE headache as my eyes had to work overtime to merge the two images. (And there was a 3D Three Stooges 2 reeler before the main feature. Ahhh, the good old days with two-reelers and/or cartoons before the main feature.)

    Maybe it would work at home with a DVD. Then, you could rest your eyes if they tire from the strain. As for me, this was my first and last experience with 3d movies.

  10. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    I sent for my 3-D glasses just before I left on my trip two weeks ago. They should be waiting for me when I get home. CUL8R, PZ!

  11. Santoki says

    I applaud the 3D movement. But 3D for an interview? Bad cinematic direction.

    At the very least, there should have been some motion during the interview, for instance the camera orbiting PZ and the interviewer. And PZ should have definitely poked at the camera. It aint 3D unless the audience is batting in front of their faces!

  12. says

    It won’t be much longer for the other footage of PZ to be up – It’s been a busy week for finding time at the media lab to pull footage off the DV tapes. It should be pretty good, I zoomed in on the powerpoint slides, audience members, as well as PZ, to add a little more interest. I figured if the 3d Science guy is going to get a bump-mapped 3-dimensional ultra-scan of PZ’s nostrils for 90 minutes, I ought to pan around a bit!

  13. Ian H Spedding FCD says

    I watched the recent 3D version of Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and was very impressed with the quality of the image. The two problems were that the polarizing glasses were big, clunky, and heavy and, in the beginning, there was an unexpected but mild sensation of motion sickness. I guessed this was due to a mismatch between the visual image of moving through 3D space and the balance system reporting that I was sitting still.

  14. Ick of the East says

    The world is 3D.
    2D is distortion.

    But an interview with such a scary and angry atheist is probably not a good idea….those may not be three D’s, but three 6’s!