1. Ray says

    Patricia, Good luck and I enjoy the saucy comments I’ve seen from you. Keep up the good work!

    Wish that I were anywhere near enough to attend, but tis not to be. A hearty “Have fun!” to all who can make it.


  2. Screechy Monkey says

    Wait, I thought the comment party in Minneapolis was going on these last few days? I’ve been hanging around the Excel Center where I saw all these balloons and stuff.

    Come to think of it, people did keep giving me funny looks when I said “who wants to talk evolutionary biology?”

  3. JackC says

    You are right – I do NOT want to miss it.

    But I can’t justify a trip from NY to go to it. Nothing exciting ever happens when I am around – or around where I am.

    Sigh. Have a GREAT time!


  4. flo says

    Hey everybody, maybe check out , they try to calculate how much less taxes one might have to pay if Obama is elected.

  5. canidae says

    Evening Myers, you have some readers even here in atheist Norway (I love that comic, Hell is just about 40 minutes drive from here, and I’ve been there many times).
    However, even though most of us are not raving lunatics there are still laws supporting Christianity in this country. For example, there are laws against blasphemy as well as half the Norwegian Council of State must be Christian (sorry, both these links are in Norwegian). There are a bunch more of these ridiculous laws, although we are fighting the insanity and we got some progress (for example, they removed the law about brainwashing young children with this lunacy earlier this year).

    Now for my intention behind this post.
    I still find myself discussing a lot with Christian people, and seemingly even the most simple form of logic does not work very well. Being a typical geek I confront them with the omnipotence paradox or the problem of evil, and they always respond with something that makes no sense.
    As noted, I’m a geek and I don’t read a lot of fiction unless it’s humorous (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) or it’s mocking idiocy (His Dark Materials). What I’d really like is more insight in religious books, but I find myself either falling asleep or losing focus due to the sheer illogical and contradicting stories just in the first pages of the bible.

    Do anyone know of some geek-friendly resources for fighting Christianity by using the bible against them?
    Perhaps this would bite more than logic the next time someone attempts to push this wicked view of life on me, my family or my friends.

    Note: I do respect religious people, they can believe whatever they want to believe. What I do not respect is when they force their beliefs on other people or when they receive benefits from the government for believing in a magic man.

  6. steve_h says

    Seed should remove the comment count from the RSS page (above in the header). Otherwise comments from approx 999900 to 1500000 are going to be not so saucy variations on M1LLYUNF!!!ONE!

  7. says

    I don’t want to miss it, but it’s not my choice being in Canada and all. And your Toronto talk is on the complete worst day. Halloween, geez, I’ve got fundie Christians to annoy.

  8. shonny says


    Robert G. Ingersoll is the man for you, from reading the rest of your posting. Check him out on Amazon.
    He is more to the point, with in-depth knowledge of the bible, and not such a self-centered waffler as Hitchens.

  9. scotth says

    These things never seem to be schedule in the North Texas area. (cries)

    I’ll get up there one of these days.