1. says

    Just slap a title like “Creation Science Beats Unscientific Evolution” on the cover rather than “Unscientific American,” and it might pass for real to a lot of people.

    Except for the “random wild guess”. “Biblical inspiration” is what would stand in for “random wild guess” in AIG’s mag.

    Glen D

  2. skyotter says

    it’s still more accurate than a Creationist rag would be. i mean, there’s SOME factual information on the cover. Kent Hovind *is* in prison, after all

  3. Will K. says

    That’s really clever. “It’s the feathers!”

    If anyone has too much free time and some skill with PhotoShop, I think a creationist-themed issue of would be pretty much the greatest thing ever.

  4. says

    doesnt the dicovery institute have some project going on to create their own “peer” reviewed journal (and by peer, i mean other IDiots)?

  5. says

    Yawn, what, there’s no article about cephalopods? For FSM’s sake, what is the world coming to!!1!…

  6. Platypus says

    The spilled salt quantification is a good point. I assume they’re sticking with sodium chloride — is it still bad luck to spill other kinds of salt? Maybe the luck scales with the ionic intensity of the alkali metals; spilling sodium chloride is worse than spilling lithium chloride, but not as bad as spilling potassium chloride.

    I suppose there is actually some truth to this idea… spilling cesium or francium chloride would probably cause bad things to happen to you in the near future.

  7. Slaughter says

    The Grand Canyon hed is wrong. Grand Canyon is 6,023 years old. I know. When I moved here in ’85, I was told by a Young Earther that the Canyon was 6,000 years old, and that was 23 years ago.

  8. Qwerty says

    From Kent Hovind and Eric Hovind’s website:

    Submited By: Kaytee
    I recently stumbled upon your ‘speech’ “100 Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid” and I have to tell you that I think it was not a coincidence that I did. I’ve been a wavering Christian for years, and I’m only 15. I’ve been praying for God and Christ to help me along, and they sent me your speech. As I watched your speech I was put in the mind set that creation is real, and evolution is false. Slowly I’m solidifying my faith in God and Christ and your speech helped me take one big step in the right direction. Thank You so very much.

    PK, According to Eric Hovind is coming to Windom, Minnesota on August 23rd to make a presentation. Will you be there to greet him?

  9. E.V. says

    The saddest thing about this is that the Unscientific American above would sell better than Scientific American and all the Skeptic journals combined.

  10. says

    And Platypus, don’t be juvenile — any chemist worth his salt will tell you that lithium chloride will yield a completely different Z-score over 5,000 REG series than sodium chloride. Sheesh.

  11. mothra says

    Someone has been visiting ‘’ again. Years ago they did a great spoof on magazine covers- a TIME cover with two American astronauts confronting a Canadian with flag already planted on the moon, and story caption: ‘Were we really there first?’ [No offense meant to Canadian readers]

  12. Holbach says

    How about the reversal of that catholic shit rag magazine, The Commonweal, to The Common Sleaze? Lead story: “How our heavenly god cracker is being descrated by the likes of a college professor who plans to ingest it at one end and egress it at the other end, and his followers on a blog site called Pharyngula urging him on with all manner of ideas and blasphemous banter to make us look ridiculous.”

  13. James F says

    Andrew @ 8 wrote:

    doesnt the dicovery institute have some project going on to create their own “peer” reviewed journal (and by peer, i mean other IDiots)?

    They tried, it tanked. Even the old-school creationists can keep a couple of journals running for decades.

  14. Amplexus says

    I remember for my undergraduate research opportunity at Liberty University I used a salt gradient centrifuge to seperate out and find the unit of luck out of a puréed rabbit’s foot.

    I think maybe I didn’t isolate the chemical responsible for luck as it might have been THE SALT itself!!

    Oh I’m so ashamed :(

  15. Iason Ouabache says

    Threadjack: Oh please, oh please, oh please tell me that you are planning a post on Dembski declaring Darwin “either a knave or a fool or a madman”.

  16. Charles Minus says

    Speaking of magazines (I’ve beem waiting for the right opportunity to post this):

    The Astrological Magazine (established in 1936) announced on its website that it was ceasing publication with its December 2007 issue, “due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control.”

  17. Benjamin Franklin says

    Ooh Ooh!

    Can I place a pre-order for the special double edition featuring Ray Comfort?

    I can give you my charge card number right here on this internets. I’m sure it would be safe.

  18. says

    The sad part is that if you put this fake cover in some churches it’d takes weeks before someone noticed it was a joke.

  19. aleph1=c says

    @Slaughter #11

    Yes, and the Cretaceous ended 65,000,023 years ago. Oh wait, That’s for you. For me, it was 65,000,019 years ago. Maybe this discrepancy will allow the creationists to expose radiometric dating as the fraud that it is!

  20. Crudely Wrott says

    Take a look at the cover of “Light Polka” on page six.

    Like a blow to the solar plexus. Now, that’s Art!

    I makes me regard a certain segment of human population that is also in immediate peril but for the life of me I can’t say its name just now. Damned anomia.

    Remind me to tell you about this incredible back cover art on a 1970 something issue of “Heavy Metal.” Nearly as potent.

  21. tootiredoftheright says

    This old old old photoshop event from Somethingawful.

    There is tons more material on Somethingawful that should get notice.

    You know that McCain rape joke that is making the news. Somethingawful made an article from the Gorilla’s point of view offering his services.

    Even the Barack Obama smears debunking gets it’s own article. With some more smears debunked and oh boy they get close to some that I swear will come out when the anti Obama haters get more desperate.

    PZ Myers needs to go through the archives.

    There are numerous photoshops of books, magazines, etc that should be talked about. Such as the Mormonads.

    Even Fred Phelps gets lamponed by them. is the Tales of the Phelps comic book. is a creationist comics spoof one of many from somethingawful.

  22. foxfire says

    @ Kobra #14: Exactly!

    On the inside, the Unskeptic section has an article by Bill Donohue about the veracity of the cracker.

    (sorry PZ…couldn’t resist ;-)

  23. says

    All of my tears go out to all of you at Pharyngula.

    You are so blind.

    The evidence for the New World Order, and the influence of extra-terrestrials below the Denver Airport has been proved scientifically by science.

    It’s people like you, and Pharyngula that pose the threat to science, because it’s been proven.

  24. Richard Harris says

    Hey, the formation of the Grand Canyon just days after Noah’s Flood wasn’t a ‘random wild guess by bible scholar’. When you know a whole load of answers, coz it tells you in the feckin’ bible, filling in the blanks, such as the age of the Grand Canyon, is a Procrustean guess.

  25. The Adamant Atheist says

    Christians rarely talk about Noah’s Ark and the Flood when I debate them. I usually bring it up to them.

    It’s so transparently stupid. I can’t blame them for not wishing to emphasize that particular claim.

  26. alex says

    i would read that.

    it actually looks very similar to the material i’d get handed by the bastardly snide jehovah’s witness i used to pass on my way to work every saturday morning. the sort of thing where they’d throw in an article about Witnesses visiting an active volcano, or looking at wildlife, so as to seem more credible.

  27. Strakh says

    Actually, the mag has it wrong:
    The dreamcatcher’s effectiveness doesn’t reside in its feathers, it resides in the holes formed by its web.
    That’s right, folks, just like religion, it’s all about nothing.

  28. says

    Wow, for a moment there I thought it was real!
    Just looks like something the humorless Christian Right of America would actually think is a good idea.

  29. DLC says

    Along the same lines, a book title:

    A beginner’s guide to homeopathy: There’s Nothing To It

    nothing beats a good laugh.

  30. Hap says

    #10: The CsCl wouldn’t do anything – I don’t think it’s very toxic. The FrCl, on the other hand, might be a problem – I think francium isotopes have multisecond half-lives and so probably aren’t any fun to play around with.

    You could try to see if alkaline earth chlorides behave similarly to alkali metal chlorides – you could even expand to other halogen salts, sulfates, etc. Does luck scale with the Hofmeister effect of the anions? There is an entire research program lurking here!

    I can see tenure for some lucky chemist at Liberty University, if he/she only search/replaces “luck” with “divine benevolence”. With the right reviewers and a friendly editor, this research might find its way to a major journal, or two, five, or ten.

  31. Aila says

    This is hilarious.

    This is also my first comment here. Your blog is awesome and I love you for doing it! :)

  32. gaypaganunitarianagnostic says

    But dream-catchers don’t work. I have one over my bed and I have dreadful dreams, especially when I run out of Paxil.