Denverites! Important venue change!

Around 5 on 3 July, we’re meeting up in Denver … but we’ve changed the location! We will be meeting at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, where we have a room of our own reserved for 50 people. That should be enough, right?


  1. Patrick says

    Good choice imo. Better beer than the rock bottom. What is it reserved under?

    back to lurking.

  2. Linda K. says

    Ask for “The Landing” Room upstairs. It’s reserved under PZ Myers. I didn’t want to have to spell or pronounce “Pharyngufest”.

  3. keafan says

    My son (sophomore @ CU, biochemistry & MCDB majors) and I will be there. As he is not yet of legal age in THIS country I’ll do the buying of the adult beverages for you.

    Thanks for the update on the venue.

  4. says

    When are you bringing your traveling road show to the South. We can have a great Pharyungulite meeting over some oysters, BBQ, and boiled peanuts.

    Oh, and bourbon.. Lots of bourbon.

  5. ajani57 says

    I’d never been to an AG before but you, PZ, my favorite blogger, were speaking so I couldn’t wait! Then my one and only daughter made her wedding date July 5th. I will have fun here in southern Arizona, but will be thinking of you all on the third at five. Cheers!

  6. Chris (in Columbus) says

    Not that any of you wouldn’t…BUT TIP THE WAITERS WELL! I’ve been working in restaurants for 7 years and Christians have a horrible name for leaving terrible tips (accompanied by a Jesus pamphlet and a “testamint”[spelled correctly]). Now, of course most of you aren’t Christian…but my point is, you don’t want any talk flying around the restaurant industry that Atheists are obnoxious and poor tippers! We already are called godless (which they think is an insult! ha!), but let’s not add “rude” and “thoughtless” to the list :-)

  7. says

    Ooh! I am planning on going and dragging along a friend of mine who’s above the drinking age.

    So… I count around 14ish people so far.

  8. charlie Snyder says

    I haven’t been to the coop for a year or so and I’m really looking forward to meeting some good old fashioned rational people. We’ll see you next week.

  9. says

    If you want to get a head-count, I’d suggest creating a thread and telling people to respond once (and only once) if they plan on making it. Count up the comments, and you’ll have a head-count.

    And, yeah, I’ll plan to stop by.

  10. Erik says

    A pleading:

    I lurk, yet still I would like to come.

    If anyone is leaving from Fort Collins and would like to offer a poor (car-less) grad student a ride, that grad student would be grateful.

    That grad student can offer gas money and sarcasm.


  11. says

    I’ll be in Atlanta 12-16 July for GECCO.

    Is that South enough?

    Yeah Atlanta is south for sure but I was thinking Charleston, well only because that’s where my Cage is.

    Maybe I’ll schedule business trip to our warehouse that week…..

  12. says

    I can probably make the Atlanta trip, once we have a schedule for personal appearances, but agree with Rev. BigDumbChimp, Charleston is so much better. Not only is it home to him and me, it has much better food and drink and food and drink and beaches and food.

    Ciao y’all

  13. Tom Pain says

    Woo-Hoo! I suggested it first and someone heard.
    But wait, I live 860 miles away.
    Oh well.
    Someone have an IPA for me, willya?

  14. minusRusty says

    Okay, Wynkoop it is!

    Personally, I doubt there’ll be 50 people, but should be more than 20.

  15. says

    awesome, the Wynkoop is a better place, and it’s owned by a GEOLOGIST.

    good times.

    I hope to make it.

    are you going to be speaking formally Dr. Myers? or just milling around drinking with the masses?

  16. minusRusty says

    FYI, Denver Atheists (on currently shows 14 “Yes” and 8 “Maybe” entries prior to changing the venue to Wynkoop. The venue change shouldn’t affect the headcount much. I don’t know how many people from there have posted here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some overlap (besides me, of course).


  17. minusRusty says

    I forgot about this, but Wynkoop is also where the monthly Cafe Scientifique is held.

  18. wingerx says

    I’ll do my best to make it, and I’m going to try to drag along my friend who introduced me to this blog in the first place, as well.

    Oh, and Tom (#27) – I’ll have two IPAs for you, if that’s what it takes to keep everybody happy.

  19. minusRusty says

    Erik in Ft. Collins,

    I might have a ride for you. I’ll let you two coordinate (i.e., expect an e-mail).

  20. Kristen says

    My son(sophomore at UC-D)and I plan on attending. If anyone needs a ride from the Broomfield area let us know.

  21. gaythia says

    It’s that old hometown religion that is going to make your event difficult. There is a Colorado Rockies hometown game that night, with a fireworks promotion. Parking will be expensive.

  22. Inky says

    I may have an experiment wrapping up then … I hope you guys are staying late!!!

  23. says

    Dr. Myers,

    It is my true regret that I will be unable to attend. I was in Colorado this past week on vacation, but came home to Iowa yesterday. It would have been a pleasure to speak with you in person. I hope to do so someday.

    Oh, and if you get the chance, visit New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins while you’re there. Great beer, terrific environmental stewardship. I recommend it.