An upcoming Tangled Bank, and a revamp


First and most importantly, there will be a new edition of the Tangled Bank on Wednesday, at Ars Technica — send entries soon!

The other issue is that my lab server which hosts the old Tangled Bank page is experiencing some technical difficulties, which I’m not going to have an opportunity to patch up in the near future … but what I have done is put together a brand new, cleaner, simpler Tangled Bank page here on Scienceblogs, with all the past links in a tidy list, along with all the upcoming editions (we’ve got hosts lined up through the end of August: email me if you want to get on the roster).


  1. says

    Fantastic! The old homepage was a nightmare – no way to get to the oldest editions, for instance. Will there be a button under your banner soon linking to this new page?

  2. Ichthyic says

    jsn, you ARE the very definition of troll.

    what color curtains do you like?

  3. says

    You can also send entries directly to me, as i’m acting as the Ars Technica lead for this: