Wait…what about me?

There are all these PharynguFests going on, but they all make me entirely superfluous…I may have to pout. Why isn’t anyone inviting me to London or Anchorage? I know, it’s because you don’t need me, and you’re cheap and don’t want to spend the money on some distant nerd, since you’ve got plenty of local nerds right at hand. And that’s OK. I do have some traveling in my near future, in case anyone wants to take advantage of it.

I’ll be in Washington DC for the AFT/NEA conference the weekend of 28-30 March, so I might be available that Friday or Saturday evening.

I’ll be in Eugene, Oregon the weekend of 4-6 April for an Evo-Devo conference. Of course, there’ll be some major biology celebrities on hand, and I also have some old friends out there, so that might be trickier to schedule.

Then there’s a midweek event in Berkeley on 28-30 May, another evo-devo-genomics meeting, and I’ll be juggling TAM6 (Las Vegas) and the Evolution 2008 meetings (Minneapolis) on 19-24 June, and a MENSA conference 2-6 July in Denver, GECCO in Atlanta on 12-16 July, and Netroots Nation on 17-20 July. And then the Atheist Alliance convention somewhere in California on 25-28 September. Other events may gradually fill in my calendar, too.

See? There might be some chances to invite me to one of these events someday.


  1. says


    I maked up a word!

    Looking at your schedule, I’m disappointed because I’ll be in DC this coming weekend.

    Hope you find some friends :)

  2. DanioPhD says

    PZ’s coming to Eugene!!!!!! *does happy dance*
    I’m going to that conference as well–Jerry Coyne alone is worth the registration fee.
    I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee, PZ, if the opportunity arises.

  3. says

    If I’ve not moved to the Mojave by the end of May, count me in for the Berkeley Cephalopod Meetup.

    If I have, Vegas is a possibility.

  4. CJO says

    Berkeley is beautiful in May, not least because most of the undergrads will have cleared town by that time (28th-30th). Anybody else in the Bay Area up for a Pharyngala? (I maked up a word too!)

    PZ, will you be sticking around the evening of Friday the 30th? That would be the ideal time.

  5. Deepsix says

    Damn, now I feel bad. You had to invite yourself.
    Besides, you don’t want to go to Anchorage. I much prefer Sitka or Juneau.

  6. xebecs says

    Pick a place in D.C. and I’ll be there on the 29th, but the 28th is iffy-ish.

    It would be awesome to meet you finally, after you ducked out on Yearly Kos last year, leaving me only Ed Brayton for tepid consolation. (That’s a joke, Ed.)

    Do we wear tentacle corsages to identify ourselves?

  7. xebecs says

    MaJeff — will you be in D.C. as early as Thursday evening? If so, you could stop by one of our local Drinking Liberally events. I’m one of the hosts for the DL in Shirlington at 7:00 on Thursdays — we’d love to have you.

  8. says

    Greg Laden and I are working on a blogstock in Minneapolis on the weekend of Easter. (Dawkins will be in town for the American Atheists Conference, but we won’t claim that he will be part of the blockstock. I’ll ask him, though.)

    Once Greg and Amanda have double-checked their calendars we will make announcement as to time and location. Check our Facebook pages, the Tangled Up in Blue Guy blog or Greg Laden’s Blog.

  9. KC says

    @ #7

    Ew, South-east. Fairbanks! PZ should come to Fairbanks! Anchorage is just Seattle with a little more snow, anyhow. :P

  10. says

    MaJeff — will you be in D.C. as early as Thursday evening? If so, you could stop by one of our local Drinking Liberally events. I’m one of the hosts for the DL in Shirlington at 7:00 on Thursdays — we’d love to have you.

    Damn, coming in Friday (and leaving following Wednesday–so all Thursdays are out )

    I’ve already got a ticket to the NSO; I’m gonna write. Drinking with cool folks would be a plus, but I could have a very fun time all by myself.

  11. Ted Powell says

    “…and a MENSA conference 2-6 July in Denver…”

    See you there! Will you be doing a presentation?

  12. Vic says

    Is anyone else here in the Atlanta GA area? It might be cool to try to organize a meet-up with the good Doctor…

  13. T.A.C. says

    Hey! I live in Eugene! I’ll enjoy the idea that PZ’s in town. Sadly, I won’t have time to lavish him with my sycophantry because I will be spending that weekend wrapped around my girlfriend. Sorry, dude, you may be a badass biologist, but she’s a massage therapist.

  14. Rey Fox says

    “Anchorage is just Seattle with a little more snow, anyhow. :P”

    Sounds perfectly agreeable to me. Except that snow would make downtown Seattle’s roads pretty damn treacherous.

  15. Rebecca says

    Well, I live in Portland, Oregon, but if there is something while you are in Eugene I will try to go to it. So, people who live in Eugene, will you try to set something up? I would, but I don’t know Eugene very well.

  16. pradeep says

    PZ is going to be at GECCO in Atlanta on 12-16 July, so if any body in Atlanta wants to have a get together, count me in. The meeting is taking place at the Renaissance Atlanta hotel in downtown, I believe, and there are plenty of good places to meet up. Fellini’s Pizza off of Ponce anyone?

  17. firemancarl says

    Surely some of you would want to come to warm sunny Daytona Beach? Beer, babes ( or dudes ), sand, fun, and best of all, we’re slightly less snobby than South Beach!

    Oh, and we subscribe to reason.

  18. Strange Forces says

    For the DC PZ Drinkings, might I recommend The Brickskellar? It may be a little packed on a Saturday, but they do have a phenomenal beer selection.

  19. says

    Dammit, sometimes I REALLY hate living in WV – no one good ever comes here! (Except for the occasional country singer in Charleston, and I couldn’t care less about them.)

  20. xebecs says

    MAJeff — maybe one of the D.C. Drinking Liberally chapters (snooty bunch that they are) meet a different day.

    If not — come back again and make us part of your schedule — we have a few witty folks who might enjoy sparring with you.

  21. Bride of Shrek says

    Now to make up a term for a group of Pharyngulites gathering together to engage in Pharyngulation.

    Maybe :

    A tentacle of Pharyngulites
    A nerd of Pharyngulites
    A cephalopod of Pharyngulites
    A skeptic of Pharyngulites

  22. stogoe says

    The Minneapolis Pharyngala should be that Friday (the 21st), so I’ll be in town and available for it.

  23. Desert Donkey says

    Welcome back to Eugene. We’ve missed you. If there is a get together I would love to be there, or we can all meet at my place.

  24. Grumpy says

    Anchorage is irredeemably ugly this time of year. Visit anytime from May to February.

  25. Don Smith, FCD says


    I’m in Longwood so a drive to Daytona Beach is not out of the question.

    Bride of Shrek,

    A gill of Pharyngulites? I like multiple meanings, especially when more than one of them applies.

  26. says

    PZ…you clearly need a break. There’s no particular reason to visit Taiwan except that the beer’s really cheap and there’s some really cool geological thingies to check out (google Taroko Gorge).
    The true upside, however, is that you simply cannot find anyone around here that would argue for ID. When it comes to science and math, these Taiwanese kids are stone cold killers. I teach teens, and I pity the poor fark mistakes a chimp for a monkey in their presence (or tries to assert that there’s no such thing as a square root of -1).
    In any case, if you would be interested in an expenses paid speaking tour of the ROC, drop us a note. We’ll hook you up with a Mandarin translator who knows how to speak Hangover.

  27. says

    So, for the DC trip, do you prefer something close to the conference (which looks like it’s the Hilton on Connecticut), or are you willing/able to travel a little bit? Near the conference has the advantage of being near a Metro stop but the drawback of places nearby likely being saturated with convention attendees.

  28. Linda K. says

    and a MENSA conference 2-6 July in Denver

    Guess we’d better get you that ticket now. Did you know it includes all the beer you can drink? After the show, of course.
    Will be in touch soon.

  29. Henry says

    PZ, if I could afford to bring you out to Salt Lake City, I would gladly give up my hard earned dollars to see you!