Radio reminder

Sunday morning at 9am, on Air America, you’ll want to catch Atheists Talk. This week, half the show will be Hemant Mehta, talking about being a friendly atheist or some such nonsense antithetical to the whole atheist enterprise, which revolves around dour nihilism, of course.

The second half will be Kristine Harley and me talking about bad design. Tune in and call in!


  1. says

    The second half will be Kristine Harley and me talking about bad design.

    Yeah, you can mention the bacterial flagella, myosin, kinesin,
    dynein, dynamin, RNA and DNA poymerases, mitochondria, ribosomes,topoisomerases, the several types of eyes,the inner ear, the brain and the immune system.

    Then you can top all that off with the giant design killer:
    If there is a God, why do we have hair in our ass?

  2. Sam says

    Thanks for the reminder for the show. Sounds interesting. Tomorrow I’m going to try typing in a Minnesota zip code and see if I can get the show from out-of-state.

  3. mona says

    It looks like my city doesn’t have an Air America station. The show is at about the time my parents will be making me go to church, anyway. Oh, the irony. I’ll look for it at their site some time, definitely.

  4. October Mermaid says

    Speaking of radio and, ah, bad design, this gives me the opportunity to mention something everyone might get a kick out of.

    There’s a Christian band called FFH (they’re most famous for their rapture song, Fly Away) and one of their songs that I used to hear on the Christian stations from time to time had lyrics that literally go “Well, I don’t know that much about astronauts but I know that Jesus cares an awful lot.”


    Then later on, about astronauts, they say “they step outside and they look around, take a sample and come back down. Have they ever found the meaning of life out there? I don’t think so! No, I don’t think so!”

    Ha, stupid astronauts, wasting their time. How foolish of them, when Jesus has already given us all the knowledge we will ever need.

  5. says

    The second half will be Kristine Harley and me talking about bad design.

    This will a sustained criticism of Kristine’s latest hair style, yes?

  6. Al says

    well, he is a professor, and its midterms time. If I had a blog it’d be pretty quiet right now…

  7. Sam says

    I didn’t know the radio program could be reached internationally McDawg. Awesome!

  8. says

    I missed the show, have really only managed to catch it once in its run so far (when Dawkins was on, and even then I only caught the last 15 minutes or so).

    Somebody should tell the producers that some of us became atheists because we don’t wanna have to wake up at 9am on a Sunday.

  9. says

    I gotta toss in a pedantic bit. “Kludge” far predates the hacker culture. I know it to have been used as far back as 1962 referring to an attempt to fix a problem in an experimental Polaris missile wiring harness with a paper clip and electrician’s tape. Same message, but hackers borrowed it.

  10. says

    Great talk, PZ. I learned what a “Kluge” was and thought you had excellent points on the oddities of human memory, male genitalia, or the eyeball. I learned something.