1. Tony Popple says

    I hope to finish his book this weekend. I really find the subject fascinating. I love his wrighting style.

    It makes me wish I had chosen to study biology instead of physics.

  2. LisaJ says

    Yes, this book is great. I am reading it as we speak. Fascinating stuff and really nicely written.

  3. foxfire says

    I thought the book was terrific – he writes so well. I’ve read both of Sean Carroll’s books and it was neat how Neil Shubin added to the Evo-Devo perspective. Half his lab is DNA and the other half bones – it doesn’t get much better than that!

    I was suprised he didn’t include a link to the cool Tiktaalik roseae homepage in the book:

    Check out the last photo in the Photo gallery and you too can embrace your inner fish.

  4. CleveDan says

    The iTunes version is unabridged and well read. Although the print version is nice and compact…….like Shermer’s Why Darwin Matters

  5. says

    I just finished his book last week. I was sold when I read his piece in Natural History magazine last month. This book is a lot of fun to read. I probably would’ve finished it in a couple days, but I have that whole school thing going on taking up too much of my time.

  6. says

    Hooray for Shubin! He repeatedly uses the metaphor of DNA as a “recipe” rather than the misleading “blueprint” metaphor.

  7. dork says

    @UChicagoNerdette (#6)

    I actually took a class of his as an undergrad, Chordate Biology. Just checked the course catalog and it’s coming up in spring quarter. It will kick your ass if you’re taking four classes (or at least it kicked mine), so save it for when you only have three. Be prepared for two 3+ hour dissection labs a week and competition from the damn grad students who can devote all their attention to a single class.

    There’s a bit too much focus on fin-to-limb/tetrapod transition, to be expected since Shubin and Coates (charming British accent) practically own it together. Should make for a lovely grueling quarter if you’re down.

  8. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    My only disappointment with the book was that it was over too soon. I loved the way his deep understanding of evolution comes across in the connections he shows us. Time to read it again.