1. says

    That’s a pretty fair beating, too, with a much more comfortable margin than the last one. And good grief, did you both ever cream the other blogs! Impressive.

  2. says

    Who votes for Engadget in a science category?

    “Oh look, this new version has TWO superfluous LEDs in it.”

    About as sciencey as an Intelligent Design conference.

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    Given how much more traffic you have than I do, you didn’t beat me by enough to represent that, so in reality I won.

    But dangit, I was gonna post about this today but then a bunch of stuff hit the fan. Oh well.

  4. Crudely Wrott says

    Hearty congratulations and a heart-felt attaboy to you, PZ.

    I thank you from my top of my cerebral cortex down to my reptilian brain stem for your intensity and dedication. I visit daily and am the better for it. I don’t know how you manage to pull it off and still fulfill your professorial duties.

    When I grow up I want to be somewhat like you.

    It goes without saying that those who gather here are a force slightly larger than you, but without you it wouldn’t happen.

    May you live (and post) long enough to leave the entire population of the planet utterly speechless. That would be one hell of a moment, know what I mean?

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    Not to put a dampener on it, but you came a long way second in the Most Controversial Blog category. I think you might have to try harder this year.

    Hmmm. I suggest that sometime in June you start supporting front-loading and Mick Huckerbee. Oh, and convert to a militant form of Sikhism.


  6. John Bode says

    Given that Ars Technica isn’t a blog, and that its traditional focus was somewhat narrow (PC hardware enthusiast), I’m curious why it was in the running at all.

    Having said that, Ars has some damn good tech reporting, and has fairly recently added some good science reporting (Nobel Intent). They also have a forum devoted exclusively to science topics.

  7. Isaah says

    While i read this blog religiously (badabump bump), i love the Giz. In a mix catagory of science and technology, they should have one. They blog like its going out of style. they have alot of updates per day. plus, they just the other day told a bunch of other blogs and press to hop of the teets of the industry, regurgitating their press releases.

    …this was of course after a Giz blogger brought a TV-b-Gone to CES and started temporarily switching off halls of TVs.


    but i still love you PZ, just less than my technopr0n.