Go spineless for Halloween

I just got back from Madison, which is mad about Halloween, and then I was emailed this exceedingly cool Halloween costume idea: dress up as a jellyfish with flashing LEDs.

It looks easy: here are the full instructions, with the traditional hot glue gun and soldering iron, but no duct tape, which does violate the rules of home handicrafts, I think. The only drawback is that the LEDs cost about $2.50 each, which adds up. The jellyfish uses 18, but if you modified this to make a luminescent squid, you’d only need 10.

Another virtue for the paranoid parents out there, though, is that the late night traffic won’t be able to miss seeing your kid when he or she is crossing the street.


  1. Diego says

    I can’t see the link here at work but I can imagine the costume.

    I have an ex-girlfriend who dressed up as a jellyfish a few years ago. She didn’t have any blinky LED lights but did choose some shimmery and translucent fabrics that worked really well.

    P.S. I have also seen some great FSM costumes recently.

  2. says

    Just don’t wear one of these in Boston. LEDs are scary, y’know.

    I’m assuming I don’t need to provide links to the results of Boston’s LED paranoia, but I can if people ask.

  3. Nutmeg says

    Here’s one with a squid. I definitely think you could work some duct tape into this one.

    I’m not sure if the anatomic departures from reality here would disturb you like seeing legs coming out of a cartoon insect’s abdomen disturbs me.

  4. Paul D says


    I sent PZ that link. I’m glad he liked it.

    And yes, “exceedingly cool” are the words I’d use to describe it.

  5. raven says

    HALLOWEEN!!! This is one of my favorite holidays.

    This is also one that the fundie death cults hate the most. Seems every year they try to get it abolished in one place or another.

    I forget their reasons, probably because there weren’t any understandable to a normal sentient being. Something about encouraging witches and demons or some such.

    It is always amusing to see medieval fears and superstitions alive and well in those so called Xian churches.

  6. says

    Another virtue for the paranoid parents out there, though, is that the late night traffic won’t be able to miss seeing your kid when he or she is crossing the street.

    Never give car drivers the opportunity to aim at your body–put the LEDs on long stalks.

  7. says

    That’s really cool.

    From step 3 on the instructions site:

    people WILL pull your tentacles.

    I wonder if that’s a common issue for cephalopods? :)

  8. Suze says

    Halloween in the Deep South: sanctimonious parents and their snide kids standing in their doorway, putting bible tracts in the kid’s bag while saying “MY children don’t celebrate Halloween, but have fun!” Mine have outgrown it, but a FSM costume would be perfect.

  9. says

    Very nice, unfortunately I’m going as Zombie Jeebus. He died then came back to life AKA zombie. Plus I’m going to a party/concert where zombies get a free shot…. And I enjoy blasphemy.

  10. Ron says

    When I first looked at this, even before watching it or reading what it was, the first image that sprung to mind was “is this a sort of Cephalopod version of an xmas tree?” Now that’s an idea whose time has come. Wouldn’t it be swell to have that in the corner of the living room with prezzies under it?

  11. says

    Before I clicked on the LED link, I was thinking, “Wow, that’s pretty pricey for an LED”. But then I figured it out. My daughter has requested that I dress up to take her out on Halloween. That would certainly solve my costuming dilemma. Hmmm…