Janet Browne’s new book

I must have been sleeping, because I hadn’t noticed that this came out: Janet Browne, the author of a most excellent two-volume biography of Darwin, has a new book titled Darwin’s Origin of Species: A Biography. That one is going right to the top of my Amazon wishlist.

Michael Barton has a review.


  1. Richard says

    It is indeed a fine little book. It’s a delight to read such beautifully crafted prose. Browne never disappoints.

  2. Tuck says

    I enjoy cock-fighting and fried chicken in the same way that I enjoy deer hunting and venison. Judge if you must.

  3. Texas Reader says

    I read both volumes of Browne’s Darwin bio and its the best Darwin bio I have read. I came to respect him tremendously as a father and husband, and made a point of seeing his floor plate or whatever it is called in Westminster.

    My only complaint is that the first of the two volumes is not available in hardback. Why a second run was not made is a mystery to me.

  4. John Monfries says

    Sorry, but Browne did disappoint me just a little. The book about the Origin of Species repeated an awful lot from her biography of Darwin without many new insights, and in fact contained rather less about the progress of the Origin as a publication than I expected. But full marks to the Darwin biog – like Texas Reader my respect for Darwin rose even further.