Tangled Invertebrates

The Tangled Bank

It’s a collision! Two great carnivals on the same day. Check out Carnival of the Spineless #23 from sodden Great Britain, where the molluscs are thriving, and also read Tangled Bank #85, the Reductionist’s Tale at Migrations.


  1. says

    PZ — the first link in your abstract seems to just link back here. Oddly enough, the link is then correct in your article text.

    BTW.. I don’t get these things. Can someone explain what they are?

  2. Sven DiMilo says

    T@Ts: These things are carnivals, sort of blogpost anthologies that collect posts on a certain theme (here, organisms) from Across the Blogosphere for your reading pleasure.

    Dr. Myers, wonder if you might weigh in on this evo-devo study that speaks of Hox genes and hydromedusae with “heads”…wtf is a cnidarian “head”?