The terrible thing about going on vacation is that you fall behind on everything, including your reading, and when you get back you have to struggle to catch up. When I got back on Sunday I found three books waiting in my mailbox, and of course I’d missed a whole week of the journals, so I’ve been reading, reading, reading every day. I’ve decided I can never go on vacation again.

No, not really! But I do have a backlog to clear, and just this morning I had a chance to sit down and read through that wonderful new paper on the sea anemone genome. I’m going to get that assimilated and I should hope I can whip out a summary by early this afternoon. And then there are these other great stories piled up in my office, on my coffee table, on the ottoman, on the arms of my easy chair … ask my wife, she’ll tell you I’m mired in a mess of papers.

Anyway, it takes a while to get back into the rhythm. Don’t worry, though, good stuff is coming.


  1. Retired Catholic says

    Exciting Sea Anemone genomes. What do you read on vacation? Anything sentiently sapient, perchance?

  2. says

    I should warn you PZ. That ‘very nice little book’ is in fact a collection of lies and half-truths about me. I can’t go into more detail at this time, but am in the process of suing the publisher for libel.

  3. says

    If you have a smartphone or other cell phone capable of emails being received on it, you could always use an RSS-to-email service and you’ll never be behind.