1. Aris says

    It is sad news indeed. What did he die of? I knew he was seriously sick for a while.

  2. says

    We knew things were bad when the family requested a cessation of posting on Steve’s condition, but this exceeds all my worst expectations. It didn’t occur to me that a man that young would not recover and return to work. Sad, sad, sad news. I’ll miss his sharp, brave voice.

  3. Mike Saelim says

    Agreed, Baratos. I’d like to read his writings, but it seems that his blog is no longer up.

  4. RavenT says

    That is very sad news to hear. I had really hoped he’d recover, but he definitely had an uphill fight. I’m sorry he wasn’t able to come back from it.

  5. jeff says

    His writings will definitely be available. The Daily Kos is probably a good place for updates.

    God bless him and his family. (It’s OK to say this.)

  6. Plummet says

    Very sad. Thanks Steve for all teh great, and spot on, writing.

    And becuse he would of loved seeing NYs second-rate team falter like they are this season – Fuck the fucking Yankees!

  7. djinn says

    Steve Gilliard’s old blog,, is still up and running. You can read his old(er) posts there. No one knew military history like Steve. I will so miss him.

  8. Captain C says

    “What was the cause?”

    You are advised to go to the News Blog archives for better details, but as far as I can tell, it was a combination of heart valve trouble, kidney problems, a stroke during heart surgery, and an infection or three related to the former.

    The News Blog was always one of my first stops on my daily surf; Steve’s intelligence, incisiveness, and wit will be terribly missed by many, myself emphatically included.