1. zohn says

    That was fun! But how old is that clip…from the early 90s? Compared to the situation in the administration now, those Reagan/Bush 12 years were so much better!

  2. jeffk says

    Bill Hicks is basically my hero. He died in the early 90s, but all of his shit is just as relevent now. I can only imagine how fantastic he’d be if he were still alive.

  3. jba says

    Bill Hicks rules. A dude I used to know loaned me one of his cds, then got all douchey. so now its my cd.

  4. Christian Burnham says


    I’ve seen that sketch a thousand times by now and it never gets old.

    I hope Hicks is playing to sell out audiences in heaven. I know he’s not amongst the non-smokers in hell.

  5. jeffk says

    I’m amazed there’s only 6 comments here. People, Pharyguloids or whatever the hell you are, this man is your god! (well not literally). He’s like PZ but funnier… and dead.

  6. Zero says

    I love Bill Hicks, good choice of clip too. “And oh the disciples did run-a-shrieking: ‘Oh, what a big fucking lizard, lord'” is one of my favorite quotes ever.

  7. Grimgrin says

    If Bill Hicks had lived to see the George Bush Jr. Administration, his head would have exploded.

    He once referred to Bush Sr. (The one many of us are nostalgic for) as “A child of Satan, sent here to destroy the planet earth”. Sort of like HST having to say he’d vote for Nixon over W. The Shock of Bush would have permanently and irreparably damaged this man.

  8. Don Smith, FCD says

    This clip reminded me of something.

    When did the “inerrant” fundies change their story from “Satan placed those fossils to deceive us” to “Noah had a boatark-load of dino shit”?