Blogroll Open Enrollment Day!

This worked fairly well last time around, so let’s try it again. If you’d like to have your blog on the Pharyngula blogroll, here’s what you should do:

  • Examine your blog with a critical eye. If you are espousing creationism, Intelligent Design creationism, the beauty of unthinking acceptance of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ or Mohammed or L. Ron Hubbard, or have a Bush in ’08 badge on your site, don’t bother. Really, you don’t want to draw my attention to you. You probably don’t like me, anyway.

  • There is a technical limitation. I manage my blogroll with my newsreader, so I can only see sites that have some kind of syndication feed. Most do, nowadays, but if you’ve got some obscure code you’re using to generate your blog, you might not. Static web pages also usually do not. Sorry, I just don’t have a good way around this right now.

  • Take a look at the current blogroll, and make sure you aren’t already on it. It’s so embarrassing to raise your hand and say “Me, me, me!” and discover that you were picked a long time ago. It would also be polite to check out a few of those other blogs while you’re skimming the list — the point of the blogroll is to send some traffic to other places, after all.

  • After leaping all those tremendous hurdles, leave a comment here, with a link to your blog. You can just type the url into your comment, or if you want to show off your amazing html skills, you can imbed a link, like so: <a href=””>My Blog!</a>. Easy! You might also want to describe what’s special about your blog, so other readers might be enticed to check it out. Regular readers or people already on my blogroll might be reading the comments to pick up interesting new blogs, too.

  • Write out a check for $100 and send it to… Uh, never mind. There are no catches to this, you don’t even have to link back to me. Just write good stuff.

As before, I make no promises to keep you on the blogroll, and in particular, I ruthlessly purge blogs that fail to update for over a month.

Now let’s hope the response isn’t quite as overwhelming as last time. Haven’t I already linked to most of the blogosphere already?


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    PZ I think before long you’re going to be able to act as a backup for Technorati. It’s a bit humbling that your blogroll has more incoming links than my entire blog ;)

    The last time you held this event, I found a lot of great things to read, so I’m looking forward to it this time around as well.

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    Eh, what the hey, I wouldn’t mind a link. My blog is Confessions of an Anonymous Coward; basically it’s about my coming to terms with the complete lack of any good reason to believe in God, after having been raised in the Mormon church, though there are also some general posts on religion, atheism, and skepticism that don’t necessarily relate directly to my own experiences and situation.

    (Incidentally, I think you–among other bloggers–were part of what finally helped me overcome decades of religious conditioning, so thanks for that!)

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    I’ll put mine in for consideration:

    Think Tonk

    Unlike other philosophical blogs, this one’s run by a godless liberal. Oh, wait… It’s run by a godless liberal who was a biology major for two years!!!

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    It looks like my occasional co-posters and I are already present. Now, we just have to keep ourselves there!

    On a related note, I’m really starting to like the variations upon the Randall Munroe (xkcd) malapropism blag. It gives you blaggregation, blagnet and so forth. Anybody can put RSS feeds in their news reader; Real Men use a blaggregator.

    I also like groll. It sounds like the collective noun for grues.

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    You might be interested in Lakeshore, my blog. I’m a science fiction and fantasy author and godless liberal.

    On my blog I cover the professional end of the science fiction and fantasy field (ie, topics of interest to working and aspiring writers and editors), leftie/progressive politics, gun control, Creationism/ID, cool science, weird science, photography and miscellaneous personal topics. I’ve got a pretty solid daily readership, and have been ranked as one of the top 25 SF blogs in the world by John Scalzi, who maybe knows what he’s talking about.

    Also, I sent you some really cool squid art in the lettermail last year, in the form of a copy of Jeff VanderMeer’s THE EXCHANGE. (And freshwater squid are mentioned in my most recent novel.)

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    Cogita Tute – A Skeptical Blog

    I cover the rational and irrational, science and religion and in particular the ID situation in the UK. This includes an occasional commentary on UK developments in ID – like today’s post will be – and my tussle’s and jolly adventures with various YEC types on this side of the pond with all our state religion, state funded faith schools yet strangely non religious vagaries.

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    Bronze Dog of the Bronze Blog here. I do general skepticism, some emphasis on evolution, and I spent some time on mercury-autism crankery. Found out that Denialism used some of my stuff.

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    Want the latest bits of weirdness from the Godless (and loving it) land of Sweden? Want a twisted perspective on the daily happenings of life from an Irishman in exile? Want a merciless hammering of pseudo-science, organised religion and idiocy in general?

    Want dozens of dick jokes…?

    Then look no further than Paddy K’s Swedish Extravaganza. The only Irish-Swedish sceptical blog you will ever need!

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    My open-enrollment testimony:

    Pharyngula worked for me! In just 27 minutes on the Pharyngula blogroll program I gained pounds of muscle, lost the fat, ate whatever I wanted, and was able to freeze Mormons in their tracks with a glance from my newly glowing eyeballs!

    And the tentacles? Fahgeddaboudit! They are so useful around the house– now I can easily clean hard to reach places, win the big prize in Skee Ball, and play four pianos at the same time while mixing cocktails for all my new friends!

    Yes, I’m the envy of the neighborhood, and I owe it all to Pharyngula’s open enrollment program– a mysterious blend of 42 herbs and spices that kicks my blog up a notch. BAM! That’s not just blogging enthusiasm, it’s the sound of my screen door hitting a Jehovah’s Witness in the ass!

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    I’m sad. I got enblogrollerated, and couldn’t find it, and wept piteously to PZ, who pointed out, “hey dummy, you’re on there, get over it” in nicer terms, then to my horror i noted that i had posted my main page instead of the XML feed! oh the harrah! I can only hope Babyfight will be given a second chance.

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    Sexy Secularist, an unfortunately named blog.

    Maintained by three men whose areas of expertise and interest range engineering, physics, music, film, mathematics, astronomy, human sexuality, theatrical literature, and dirty books. Politics range from the left-leaning centrist to the fiercely liberal, religion ranges from godless to godless. Writing quality ranges from awesome to super-awesome.

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    Philosophy and Bioethics

    This is a group blog on… philosophy and bioethics. It is basically intended as a webpage for the philosophy and bioethics network which is part of the International Association of Bioethics. We are particularly interested in the relationship between philosophy and bioethics, but more generically talk about all issues to do with bioethics.


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    Dan of Tinny Words, here.

    Nothing special, just a hodge-podge personal blog of a three-year Pharyngula regular. Movie and book reviews, college sports, some evolution stuff, with a dash of politics, all tied up with a big red ribbon of quiet, sligtly random goofiness. I’ll be posting some of my old musicology papers in the next few weeks, though. One of them is already up.

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    My blog has nothing to do with science. I use it to link to stuff, to mock people,etc. blog Mostly it’s about feminism, and how being a racist is wrong.

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    Hi, Tantalus Prime here. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I’m starting a doctoral neuroscience program in the fall, and that was the impetus behind starting my blog. In addition to neuroscience specifically, I discuss general science as it relates to religion and parenting issues. Oh, and anything else I feel like talking about.

  16. says

    Well, gosh . . I really should post more often, but I have this day job, you know? I’m not too far from you sitting up here in Fargo!

    Diatomaceous Earth – Filtering the bullshit so you don’t have to.

  17. says

    Ok, why not “put myself out there?” The worst that can happen is a broken heart… right?

    My blog (Eclectic Esoteric) is mostly related to my experiences with pharmacy school, but anything goes. In any case, this is rather timely, since my most recent post is asking for advice from the scientific research community (I have an interview tomorrow for acceptance into a dual degree program). Any comments would be appreciated–I feel like I need all the help I can get!

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    Framed. Some time ago, PZ, you linked to a post of mine on how I am a single-issue voter on the subject of evolution. Most of my posts are about politics from a liberal (but not doctrinaire) perspective. Thanks!

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    Salad Is Slaughter

    Where else can you go for commentary on food, hockey, television, occasional rants on religion, and movies from a gluttonous curmudgeon and “D” List Blogger. Also some reprints of old satire I wrote years ago under various pseudonyms.

    Now you’ll be linked to the entire blogsphere.

  20. says

    The One With Aldacron — gratuitous bashing of religion, those who practice it, and those who pretend to practice it, sprinkled with liberal doses of rants about conservative idiots. Oh, with a dash of tales of life as an expat in Korea. For flavor.

  21. says

    Yet another Austinite (there seem to be a lot of us among your readers). I write about various things: politics, tech, family, etc.

  22. says

    Is there a such a thing as an Electrical Engineer who is NOT either a Fundamentalist, a practitioner of Woo, or Insane? (Or all three?) Find out at The Calladus Blog.

    I talk about politics, the Military, Skepticism, Pseudoscience, and geek items from a Deconverted Christian, Atheist / Secular Humanist viewpoint.

    I also show fine art every Friday in the Atelier, except Friday the 13 – then I show bad art.

  23. says


    Just started this blog. We’re hitting from two fronts: I’m biology, and my partner-in-crime is anthropology of religion. If we decide to obey Gestalt principles, then the whole should be more than the sum of our parts.

  24. les says

    PZ, it may be a bit too direct to just demand checks. I recommend the Klick and Klack approach–“write the name of your blog on the back of a twenty dollar bill, and send it to…” Much more refined.

  25. says

    I’m just going to stay quiet and hope he doesn’t realize that he’s still linking to me from our one night stand that was the last open enrollment…

    …oops, was that out loud.

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    At my blog, The Opinion Mill, I write about politics and society, but my layman’s interest in science (and the relentless Bushie war against reason) often has me posting about science-related topics. Here’s an example:

    You might also like my current top post:

    Your blog is great and I’d be thrilled beyond words to see The Opinion Mill on your blogroll. Here’s my feed:

  27. says

    My blog is very imaginatively titled. It covers technology (web stuff), politics and what I call “anti-stupid” (because there sure be a lot of stupid out there – today’s stupid is “angels”, but other stupid I cover includes Intelligent Design/creationism, religion, alternative medicine and postmodernism/de/con/re/structuralism or whatever it likes to call itself).

    I’ve got a long article I’m working on which will be called something like ‘Popular Fallacies for a Postmodern World’, which I’m having tremendous fun with.

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    The Baliset Palimpsest is a blog committed to ensuring those faculties of rationality endowed to us are not wasted. Young Earth Creationism is dissected. Programs like SETI that broaden humanity’s outlook, raising them from the medievalism of the past, are promoted. The author is Christian, but enjoins those with religious faith to angrily reject frauds like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind.

  29. says

    No way can I top post #23 – won’t even try.
    Mine is about teaching high school biology – it’s not all biology-oriented, but I do blog about fighting to teach my kids good biology.
    Today, AP Bio – tomorrow, the world!

  30. says

    i’m traveling right now (living in chile), collecting data for my PhD dissertation in astrophysics. i write about travel, life experience, astronomy, technology, politics… astropixie.

    oh, and i take a ton of pictures as well!

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    I split my blog up into many blogs by subject, the result being that no one reads any of them.

    Your shortcomings and regrets, personified! – Random and useless personal blog, not of interest except for my occasional entries about my work as an appeaser evolutionist at NCSE.

    Mad About Hats – My tea blog. Notable in that I am one of a very few tea bloggers who actually looks critically at claims about tea’s magical health benefits.

    I have a photoblog too, but it would get purged for non-updatiness right quick, so I only mention it for completeness.

  32. says

    I see my blog (a geocentric view) hasn’t gotten axed yet—thanks. You can add the standard description to it, though: Somewhat random (and only slightly filtered) thoughts on astronomy, grad school, traveling, this, that, and the other as well.

  33. says

    My blog is De Astra, Ad Astra (Latin: From the Stars, to the Stars), a collabrative science-themed blog that I write with 5 other people.

    What makes our blog interesting? Well, two of the writers are college students, one is a professional mathematician, and two (including myself) are highschool students. An interesting mix!

    Expect to find anything from an in-depth explanation of hydrostatic equilibrium to a rant about Kent Hovind.

    P.S.: Brownie points to anyone who can spot the hidden picture of Carl Sagan in our banner image ;)

  34. says

    I guess I should get back onto your blogroll after a long absence, now that I got a new site and that I’m in grad school now.


  35. says

    I’d like to put in a plug for The Oil Drum. It’s not about atheism or liberalism, though we do have an almost-religious attitude of disrespect for both cornucopian trolls and doomers. Jerome à Paris of dKos posts there regularly; I get in the occasional note.

  36. says

    Gimme Back My God!

    Don’t let the name fool you, I run an atheist website that deals with science, art, ethics and other fun stuff. I also have a daily web comic that is sometimes funny. I am pretty open minded = I’m not very militant, but I am full of sh .. opinions.

    I know I’m late posting this, but it was half laid off work today. Sympathy?

  37. Dan Harlow says

    I would like to nominate Saint Gasoline. He’s been a big reason why I have kept blogging and he is very funny. He too has a cartoon and unlike me, he actually draws his.

  38. says

    Pro war, anti Bush (such a disappointment), convinced the religious could use some educating in the fine art of critical thinking, and wish to God that God was more open with His rare and maddeningly vague hints. (Far too keen on where and how, but not so hot on why. :D )

    Like therapsids and other mammal-like reptiles, am puzzled by the mess that is our current knowledge of early human evolution, and am intrigued by the possibilty that multituberculates may not be true mammals, and that the split between mammals and reptiles may have occurred as far back as the labyrinthodont amphibians.

    I blog what I bloody well feel like.

    I don’t agree with you on everything, and I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything. Who you link to and why is your business. I link to you because I think you’re worth visiting and posting comments to.

    Suffer. :)

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    I’d love to be linked from your site. Quite the honour. My site is called The Flying Trilobite. I am an oil painter and I have been inspired by evolution and biology to create my paintings. I post at least once a week.

    The Flying Trilobite.

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    Please add The Atheist Experience. You’ve picked up stories from us before. This is a blog maintained by hosts and producers of The Atheist Experience, a weekly call-in cable access show produced in Austin, Texas.

  41. says

    Hey all! My blog, faith in honest doubt, addresses ‘god stuff’ from an atheistic perspective, the meaning of life, film, books, music, my fascinating personal habits (especially running), and whatever else strikes my fancy. I flatter myself enough to believe it might strike yours too.

    And, while I’m here, kudos to PZ Myers for the always insightful and interesting pharyngula.

  42. says

    Hey PZ, check out my blog!!
    My specialty involves trolling the comments section of my local newspaper’s site and chewing out the fundies! Maximum snarkiness! I even promise to throw in a Buffy reference or two!

  43. says

    Hopefully not too late here. I’m the Counter Monkey, and I blog about whatever the hell interests me on a sporadic basis. I read several scienceblogs daily, and while the general focus of my blog is on life as a low-paid retail employee, lately I’ve been doing mainly booklogs and links to various interesting Youtube videos and the like.

    But if a daily cephalopod link will get me some blogroll action, I’m not above changing focus slightly. Tentacle porn anyone?

  44. says

    Hope I’m not too late: The Space Station

    Myself and some creative friends were feeling not so creative… So we built a Space Station with technology from morally iffy Malaysian sub-contractors and launched it. Come and visit anytime.

  45. says

    Wow, 105 comments. I wish all of your posts averaged this much a day! Not only does this fuel your blogroll but gives a lot of us new blogs to read and maybe even add to a blogroll or two.


  46. says

    I’m sure I’m too late: but I’ve just started a new blog a couple of days ago: Duo Quartuncia. So far I only have six articles. One is on dionsaur fossils, and I have a followup planned on the evolution of wings. One is on the “Darwin is dead” carnival; which is dead. The others are on maths, astronomy, blogname, and stephen hawking. I have Pharyngula on my blogroll, so if you notice a spike in traffic, …

  47. says

    O.k., I think I dropped the ball and may have missed the deadline on this one. Technically, I could probably just manifest smack dab in the middle of your blogroll, but that would be cheating. So please consider adding the Mother of God of your own free will.

    Your friend, Mary.

  48. says

    Later than all the other late people, but I’m throwing my 2 cents into the hat regardless: Hoyden About Town. Two Down Under women discuss life, laughs, feminism, science, progressive politics, disability, and foiling diabolical masterminds.

  49. says

    Hopefully my blog might be interesting to some – not technically atheist (more agnostic), but it hopefully has some interesting posts for everyone! It’s a collection of my ideas about other things currently going on in the atheist/religious blogosphere, and some of my own thoughts about the path that led me to my current ideas.

  50. says

    Please add:

    Agnostic Atheism –

    We cannot prove there isn’t a God but we do know that the God of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam is based on the perceptions and myths of a nomadic ancient Middle Eastern tribe and should be viewed critically – as should the holy books of these religions. This blog attempts to critically, but respectfully, address issues with religious ideologies, especially Christianity, while introducing our readers to atheism. If you are a deconverted or skeptical Christian, you may find these discussions interesting.