1. says

    Bwahahahaa! This is brilliant! Everyone can now see how crazy Malkin is and what a great writer Amanda is. Bravo for the self-annihilating stupidity of wingnutery!

  2. says

    OK, as much as your rants about atheism sometimes get on my nerves, I’d certainly check it out if Malkin tried to do a “parody” reading like this of a bunch of them.

    At least, I’d check it out for as long as my sanity could hold out.

  3. Paul says

    It always amuses me when wingnut Malkin fans defend her (granted, their number is dwindling.) Especially recently, now that she’s had several stories and claims thoroughly debunked (and I mean hard) by scores of lefty bloggers.

    The woman has absolutely no credibility remaining. None.

    She will fade into obscurity soon. The only drawback is that she’ll screech the whole way down.

  4. DSM says

    You don’t swear enough or bash white males enough, PZ. Come on. How about a practice “Fuck Bushco?”

  5. ckerst says

    I keep imagining Malkin and Coulter desperately clutching each other, lost in a passionate embrace, seeking comfort from all the left wing Bush haters. Uhh….gotta go…..