1. Dave Puskala says

    Pressing family matters prevents delivery of your homebrew. I have to coordinate the offspring arrival and departure to the wilds of northern MN. Sorry to be unable to challenge and easily surpass your gutterball totals.

  2. says

    PZ: Thanks, but no…

    I keep my physics honed with my pool game. The best way I know to razzle-dazzle!

    Although, physics comes in handy while driving a truck–lots of applications: acceleration, deceleration, velocity, friction, inertia, center of gravity, wind resistance (drag co-efficient), balance/leverage, centrifugal force. And there must be a word for what happens when I back an “articulated vehicle” into a tight space–“luck” is inadequate…


  3. says

    So? How was it? I wish I could have made it, but I had to re-hang my dining room chandelier so it would be ready in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Avery says

    The physics students lost to the Bryant Lake Bowl’s team. I won’t embarrass them with the score, but the physicists made a point of saying that their scores were in the same ‘magnitude’. There were some good tips about curving the ball by spinning it so it doesn’t hit the pins straight on which would result in a split. There were some physics demos that didn’t all go off as planned…but that was probably good training for the future physics teachers. Apparently the center of gravity of a bowling pin is such that it has to reach 7.5 degrees before tipping over.

    There was some trivia and some prizes and at the end there was a drawing. PZ left just before the drawing for the long trip home, and missed me winning the grand prize of the Bell Museum tote bag, 2 movie passes, and 1 year membership…what a deal!!!