Calling all jokers

The Wordburst feature on the Scienceblogs main page sometimes comes up with strange combinations: right now the words of the day are “stupider”, “breasts”, “Deepak Chopra”, “Fisking”, and “ingest”. One of those other science sites, Element List, is picking on us by running a contest…a contest to write a science joke using those five terms. Go ahead, make fun of us. Win a prize.


  1. quork says

    “Deepak Chopra” and “fisking” go together quite naturally. After that it gets a bit tougher. Suppose he “ingested” some fine ayurvedic herbs that made him even “stupider” and caused him to grow man “breasts”?

  2. says

    Here’s what I posted over there (awaiting approval). It’s not good, but then, consider the raw material.

    Deepak Chopra walks into a bar, a copy of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind pressed close to his breasts. “I’m looking for the ultimate spiritual high,” he says. “I want to ingest a beverage that will enlighten, and yet not make me stupider, like alcohol. Got anything… quantum?”

    Puzzled, the barkeep turns to a bearded blogger at the end of the bar. “Hey scientist,” he says, “what can I give this guy that’ll knock him out and simultaneously enlighten?”

    “Dunno,” says the blogger. “How about a Fisking?”

  3. Sam says

    Fisking Deepak Chopra’s woo is stupider than orally ingesting your poo. To hell with the breasts.

  4. says

    Congrats, Tatarize, you’re the first one in a loooong time to make me spit out my beverage. Thankfully I was able to open my mouth before the chocolate malt went out my nose instead!

  5. says

    Deepak Chopra
    Appears on Oprah
    Hardly risking a fisking by insisting
    That happy, blissful thought arrests
    Your aging, keeps you slim
    Through all the junk food one ingests
    And also gives you perfect breasts!

    Does he think folks will swallow that?
    This Ayurvedic fogey –
    Stupider than the average yogi