Look who else is coming to town

This is much happier news. Our county Democratic-Farmer-Labor party is having a fundraiser on 5 October, and we have a big-name guest to draw in donors…


I’ll be there!

(One local curiosity: there has always been a fundraiser for the party every year, and by tradition, it’s been called “The Bean Feed.” I’ve never gone before—the name just puts me off. It brings to mind a few Monty Python sketches, and Ann Margaret (not so bad) in Tommy (uh-oh). We’ve got some new people on the local committees, though, and they’ve made a few changes. This is one hint that new blood in Democratic activism is working its way into the capillaries of the party.)


  1. says

    Have fun with Al, he’s a smart and funny guy. Political humor’s a tough job – you have to reach without over-reaching. A couple of other smart and funny guys come to mind: Michael Moore and Bill Maher. I thought Moore did a great job with Fahrenheit 911 but lost credibility on his “Slacker Tour,” handing out free rammen noodles and clean underwear. Did Moore and Maher actually get down on their knees on Maher’s show and beg Ralph Nader not to run in 2004? Damn silly.

    For many in Middle America who don’t think these are such funny times, it wasn’t clear weather Moore and Maher were for real or just a couple of clowns, not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive.

    On a drier note, how is that wind turbine working out at UM-Morris? Any signs of bird slaughter?

  2. MReap says

    Franken is in Wabasha tomorrow night. Under the bridge – which means sommething to those familiar with Wabasha.

    We had a turn out of 400 for him here at WSU. The cost was $15 a head and the procedes went to Tim Walz’s campaign against Gil Gutneckt (sp?).

  3. Louis says

    Monty Python and Ann Margaret? Actually the movie I think of when you say “Bean Feed” is “Blazing Saddles.”

  4. bernarda says

    Sorry to throw a little rain on the picnic, but maybe you could ask Al, whom I like, what it is like working for rightwing Texan Clear Channel.

    In the last year the funniest guy on Air America, Marc Maron, and the best commentator, Mark Malloy, have been fired.


  5. Mark Hubbell says

    Al Franken is one of the best arguments ever against Intelligent Design! Just listening to him will reaffirm your belief in randomness and the lack of meaning to life!