Giant Bat-Eating Centipede

It’s got bats, it’s got clever giant albino centipedes, it’s got sudden death: it’s the perfect lunch hour movie for Pharynguloids.

There is no genital mutilation, you may be relieved to learn.


  1. Christopher Barnett says

    The entire Life in the Undergrowth series with David Attenborough is total nature porn. Right up there with Blue Planet, Life of Mammals, etc. All highly recommended.

  2. Ethan says

    How big are those centipedes? The bats I’m familiar with would easily
    fit in the palm of my hand, which still implies that those centipedes are

  3. says

    The commentary at the beginning says that the centipedes grow to be 13 inches long.

    So, not only is pharyngula becoming a porn palace with above-the-fold shots of entwining giant slug penises, you’re now screening snuff films?

    Man, you have really taken the mollusc sketch to heart.

  4. says

    Ethan, the video says they’re about 13 inches long.

    The biggest centipede I’ve ever seen was, at the very most, about five inches long. The idea of one almost three times as large is almost too much to bear.

  5. beccarii says

    That’s one of the most fascinating and bizarre nature videos that I’ve ever seen. It has now been forwarded widely.

  6. M says

    Eeeeuch…can’t STAND centipedes.
    Why can’t they all be nice and non-gross, like, say, millipedes?

    …of course, ANYTHING that eats bats has a strike against it in my book.

  7. says

    Eww … the bat-grabbing is one thing, but the beetles all over the floor and the way it just walked on top of them… ewwww

  8. Unstable Isotope says

    Centipedes freak me out. Now I have one more reason to be afraid of them. Slugs also freak me out, but for different reasons.

    What is it about Pharyngula? Are you going into my anxiety closet or something by posting about slugs and centipedes?

  9. Ethan says

    Right. It helps to turn the sound on. :-)

    I notice that most of you managed to avoid the issue of whether I was deaf or an idiot.

    BTW, I showed it to my daughter last evening, earning major kudos. Sadly, it didn’t make her regret her decision to major in chemistry. She doesn’t start college until September though, so there’s still time.