Last call for DonorsChoose from Pharyngula (I promise!)

This is the very last time I’ll be haranguing you about the scienceblogs fundraiser for schools—I’ve reached my goal of $2000 and doubled it! Reaching that goal was not enough to fund all of the projects, though, and there are four remaining that could use additional donations.

If those projects don’t appeal to you, click on over to Evolgen (challenge),

Island of Doubt (challenge),

Neurotopia (challenge), or

The Questionable Authority (challenge), who all also have challenges that haven’t been met yet.

I won’t be pestering you again, so this is your last chance; I have to admit that the generous readers of Pharyngula dug deeper than expected, and I don’t want to impose further. Thanks again!

IMPORTANT ADDITION: I’m sorry to say that DonorsChoose only accepts donations from Americans, so if you’re Canadian or European or Australian or Brazilian, you (and by that I mean “we”) are out of luck. It seems to me that they’re missing out on a golden opportunity: if they advertised this as a chance to improve US education, the money would come pouring in from all over the world. People respond well to the need to help the less fortunate overcome calamity.


  1. Graculus says

    “DonorsChoose cannot accept donations from non-U.S. citizens.”

    Well, that’s a bummer.

  2. says

    You might mention in the main post that only U.S. citizens can donate. I went through the whole rigamarole before reading the fine print. Sigh.

  3. CanuckRob says

    Yes, I too found out the hard way that I could not donate (Canadian eh). However I called the local community college and made a $50 ($46 US) to them instead.

  4. says

    Your army of unholy, soulless, pirate zombies has done you proud.

    And bummer that DonorsChoose won’t take money from other countries (especially when credit cards make that sort of thing trivially easy). I’ll make a note of it in the relevant posts.

  5. Silmarillion says

    I managed to donate even though I’m outside the US. Admittedly, there’s no such place as Ireland, ALABAMA, but my credit card has been debited and (hopefully) the science materials are being shipped out.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way!