Me, burbling along

I can’t bear listening to myself, so someone else will have to tell me how big a fool I made of myself on the podcast interview.

(You usual suspects don’t even need to bother to listen to it to tell me how big a fool I am—just go ahead and get it out of your system.)


  1. 386sx says

    I’d say this is probably the greatest interview in the history of all interviews that have ever been, or ever shall be — in the history of all time.

  2. stavro says

    Uh, don’t you give biology lectures every day? You needn’t be timid about public speaking. If your speech was truly strange, you would have heard snickering from the students at the beginning of every new batch. :)

  3. Frenchdoc says

    Yeah, me too… I was expecting something more thunderous to scare the beejezus out of the fundies (if such a thing is possible). :-)

  4. sixteenwords says

    Well… Your name is misspelled. Shocked?

    The interview? Enjoyed it tremedously, but I like the blog more. You sound so… calm.. in the interview.


  5. bernarda says

    I think that the interviewer asked good questions for a general noninitiated audience and that your responses where clear and understandable for that audience. You fortunately avoided getting too technical. It certainly could give people with perhaps unexpressed doubts food for thought.

    We need such understated presentations just as we also need the more agressive contentious presentations of people like Richard Dawkins, with Steven Pinker and Daniel Dennett somewhere in between. They are complementary.

  6. Caledonian says

    Oh, pishposh. Even I don’t doubt your competence in biology and the life sciences.

    I recommend that you listen, if only to combat the feeling people often get that recordings of their voice aren’t really them. (Unless you love the sound of your own voice, in which listening is most definitively contraindicated.)

  7. says

    Well… Your name is misspelled. Shocked?

    Doh. Fixed!

    I swear I’ve looked at PZ’s last name 100 times and never noticed the “missing” first ‘e’!


  8. George says

    Thanks. It’s nice to attach a voice to the blog. Softspoken people of the world, unite and take over!

  9. C. Schuyler says

    I think your tone here is calmer, more polite, more tolerant of disagreement than one often encounters on your weblog. Just what were you drinking the night before?

  10. C. Schuyler says

    BTW, I sent you a picture of a Cthulhu car ornament (modeled on the Jesus and Darwin fish ornaments). Did you like it, dislike it, were you indifferent to it? Or did it just not get to you?