Loooong day

The Café Scientifique was very well done and informative tonight—so where were all you guys? Of course, what the event really meant was that it’s nearly 9:00, I’ve been running around all day, the alarm goes off tomorrow morning at 5:45AM, I teach at 8:00, and somehow I’ve got to explain MHC and T-cell receptors to a class full of sleepy students…and I’ve scarcely cracked the textbook today. So I’m tuning out for a while, to return again after a brief night’s rest.


  1. says

    5.45? Good [lack of] Lord!

    I can see dragging oneself painfully out of bed at that hour to make the occasional miserable trek to the airport for an early flight. But as a habit? When do you turn in?

    Of course, it makes sense that you would like ungodly hours….

  2. LM Wanderer says

    Perhaps with a little more notice (like a week or two) I may surprise you by driving up from Minneapolis.

    LM Wanderer