Video: History alla PragerU

All my energy today has gone into prying a couple lines of fiction out of some crevasse in my brain, so here’s a video. It’s not new, but I find it interesting and a little entertaining, and hopefully you will as well. It’s about how conservative propagandists use history in their work.

Edit: Managed to get the crowbar down in between a couple brain wrinkles, and actually found a couple thousand words of the novel hiding in there, so that’s nice.


  1. says

    Thank you. I really appreciate your insights in this video. In my mind I hear prager cult members say, “We can’t provide an honest perspective so we’re just gonna Prager U” There are so many highly bigoted viewpoints and logical fallacies in all that Prager U propaganda it boggles the mind.

    I think (and this is what I hear you saying is): historical figures, just like those of today, should not be automatically worshipped or obliterated. Historical figures, should be remembered because honest, factual evaluation of their successes and failures provide valuable lessons, both positive and negative. And, I am convinced that conservative always begins with a ‘con’.

    Sherman J from Scarizona, usa

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