Video: Let’s talk about a stark warning from an Arizona Republican…

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: The election of Joe Biden did not stop the U.S. slide into fascism – it just delayed it a bit. That doesn’t mean that there’s no hope of stopping it, or of resisting should the fascists gain full control, but it does mean that people should still be engaging in politics with the assumption that there is a very real danger of losing those tatters of democracy that still remain.

The TL:DW of this video is that the Arizona GOP tried to pass a law that would allow the legislature of the state to treat votes as suggestions. The goal was for them to have the ability to legally send their own slate of Presidential electors to DC, regardless of what the voters of Arizona actually wanted. Rusty Bowers, a long-time Republican politician and outgoing speaker of the AZ state house, blocked that bill, just as he blocked Trump’s attempt to seize control of the government on January 6th. He lost his most recent election, and the Trump wing will apparently now have more solid control over that legislature. I don’t know if that one state would have made the difference numerically, but we can all tell where this is going, right?

They will almost certainly try this again, and I seriously doubt this will stop in Arizona.

I also want to underscore that this guy is not some never-Trump Republican. He supported Trump throughout his time in office. He’s not someone worth looking up to, but I feel like it does say a lot that the GOP is going too far even for this guy.

Would have been nice if he’d seen that coming before he helped give rise to the GOP’s open fascism phase.

As ever, I don’t think this trend in US politics is cause for despair, so much as it is cause for people to accept that the political norms and tactics of the past no longer apply. If you’re looking for other ways to work towards a better future, see if there’s anything useful here. For those not familiar, it’s a collection of resources relating to organizing and direct action given the current situation that I update irregularly. Things are bad, and they seem likely to get worse, but there’s plenty you and those around you can do to help put us on a better course.


  1. John Morales says

    [Most readers will likely realise ‘top’ is a typo in the opening sentence; it clearly should be ‘stop’]

  2. says

    Fixed that, thanks!

    And yeah, of the many things I think should be done with fascists, topping isn’t high on the list.

  3. StonedRanger says

    Unless by topping you mean chopping their heads off with a conveniently placed guillotine.

  4. StevoR says

    A warning from a conservative that absolutely needs to be heeded here as the United States veers dangerously close to falling into fascism from within here. Thankyou for this. Shared.

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