Video: What is (and is not) anti-fascism?

Way back in 2017, Abigail Thorn published The Philosophy of Antifa – an hour-long breakdown of what “antifa” means, what it doesn’t mean, and what motivates those who make antifascist action a priority. It’s an excellent video, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Now, Leon of Renegade Cut has published his own video on anti-fascism. It delves into the history of opposition to fascism, going back to Italian WW1 veterans organizing to oppose Mussolini.

More importantly, it looks at what caused various anti-fascist resistance movements of the past to fail – very often too long of a delay before organized opposition. This is a sobering and vitally important look at history and at our current conditions. If long videos are hard for you, I recommend treating it like a podcast or an audiobook – I often listen to this sort of thing while I’m doing dishes or playing a video game. I wish this stuff was just a matter of niche historical interest, but unfortunately it’s still very relevant to the challenges we face today, so it’s my opinion that everyone should check this out:

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