Moving music videos

I frequently come across questions on Facebook about what music videos that people find most moving, and my go to answer is Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. It is an extremely moving video, especially when you know a bit about the backstory.

Another moving music video is Tom Wait’s Hell Broke Luce, again especially if you know the story behind the song.

What music videos moves you? And why?


  1. lorn says

    Good call on both of those.

    From a humanist perspective any music that points out the contradictions in the human condition is moving. Most people are walking wounded. Most people want to do the right thing, if they just knew what that is. Assuming it is even possible to do the right thing. Doing right by yourself isn’t easy. Doing right by someone else is downright hard. Helping someone else can be damn near impossible. We try.

    One of my favorites from Waits:

  2. says

    You’re talking about using music to cope or find a voice to commiserate with. It’s definitely helpful to know you’re not the only one, that there are other people in the world who think and feel the same things you do.

    I don’t use music to match or express my mood unless I’m angry, in which case I use loud and aggressive music as a catharsis so I don’t take it out on other people. Most of the time, I use music to change my mood. “Can’t help but smile” songs sometimes work, and there are others.

    Here’s an emotional song from my teenage years:
    The Payola$, “Where Is This Love?” (1983)
    Yes, that is producer Bob Rock playing guitar.