• says

      Actually, that is not PZ’s personal dino. That is the dino of the Creation Museum.

      PZ in fact rode such, and has a wonderful photo of this great event. However, after his famous ride, the rulers of the great Cathedral of Nonsense started enforcing a rule that only children could ride the thing, and guards have been posted to assure that such as PZ and Edwin could never again do such a thing.

      This is as far as I got before a large unpleasant armed guard (probably with a because-god-loves-you attack dog at close call) prevented my effort. The photo was taken before he could stop me. In any case, the sacred message remains that dinos lived with people and that people could ride them. And little children are abused by being so taught.

      PZ’s dino is kept in a secret place off site.

        • Drivebyposter says

          That’s funny.
          “We don’t have attack dogs. We just have bomb sniffing dogs. That follow people around the museum that are used to enforce rules.”

          “We don’t promote lies, just a different truth based on things we made up as we went along”

          Where do you “people” learn to distort reality in such a way? Are there classes for that? Or is it just a natural instinct that kooks are born with?

          Also, in your other comment you misspell “atheist,” if I recall correctly.

          • Frank says

            Hold up where is the “We” coming from? Are you saying I’m with the museum, seriously? Nice assumption. And if I recall correctly pointing out typos on a post is a pretty pathetic attempt at an insult, corpulent pudendagra. Did I spell that correctly?

          • Drivebyposter says

            Just a general we. The first was a We-representatives-of-the-museum and the second was a general we-subhuman-creationists, but it would definitely apply to the museum as well.

            And pointing out your error was not a meager insult, I was correcting you on a common spelling mistake. But it does speak volumes that you are approaching atheists and criticizing them on essentially nothing but don’t even know how to spell the word.

          • Frank says

            TYPO, I know how to spell, you really stuck on that? If you want to be that petty let us point out your bad grammar.

            “We don’t have attack dogs. We just have bomb sniffing dogs. That follow people around the museum that are used to enforce rules.”

            Please don’t tell me I need to point out the mistake.

            I didn’t come here to pass a spelling bee, I came to make sure truth was told. I choose neither side but I can’t stand fabrications and lies (small as they may be).

  1. Caelidh says

    Why would the guards stop you? was it just for kids to ride or something? doesn’t look like one of the dino’s in the exhibit.. but rather the propaganda corral area where they encourage you to buy books and specially named food items to cement the reality that they want you to have about their version of Creation…

  2. Rabidtreeweasel says

    As a response, this would have been awesome:
    “Fine! You know, I was doubting God and about at the end of my rope but I said to myself, Self, get on down to the creationist museum and ride that dinosaur for Jesus! And now you’re telling me no? What, are you saying God wasn’t speaking to me? Well that’s the last straw. Now I’m an atheist.”

  3. Anonymous Atheist says

    Looking up other photos of the saddled triceratops, I noticed that they’ve used at least three different saddle blankets on it over the years. Does it get so much use that they wear out? Or are they trying to coordinate them with the nearby decor? lol

  4. Frank says

    Seeing that you censor just as ken ham does on his blog I’ll just make this comment directly to you. That was the rule prior to PZ’s visit, saw people booted off it myself long before he visited. If you claim to be an athiest, at least be truthful and not fabricate half truths, or do you wish to be like those you make fun of???

    • says

      Picky, picky. Pray, just how do I censor anything on my blog? I have let all kinds of nut cases have their say.
      The story was meant to be a story, not a precisely correct historic account.The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth live. Bible by god.

      • Frank says

        I take it back now that you have posted my previous post, which didn’t happen until I sent this one..but non the less I’ll give you the benifit of the doubt on this one.

        • says

          Thank you for that. My comments policy is to post everything unless the item is clearly spam or out of orbit crazy. Unfortunately, some perfectly okay comments occasionally get caught in the spam filter or something and do not make the light of blog. Should anyone’s comment not appear, please check with me. Nudges are appreciated. I am gradually learning this blog business. Please understand, and have compassionate understanding for, the fact that some still alive–like me–learned to type on a manual typewriter, did arithmetic on a piece of paper (an old fashioned twentieth century format), and made telephone calls by picking up the receiver and hearing the operator say “number please.” An IPhone would have seemed nothing other than magic. When my mother was born, women did not yet have the right to vote. I plan to do a work on some of the incredible differences that have thus far occurred during my lifetime. Whether or not these things are “progress” is perhaps a relative concept.

  5. silverbuttons says

    It could be simply an issue with the ride not being able to stand up to the weight of adults using it all the time. If that’s the case, they need to make a bigger one for grown-ups. I vote for a brachiosaurus!

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