Well, f&*%

I don’t normally use the F-word on my blog even with asterisks (I’m not squeamish, but my mother reads this blog) but there’s simply no other response to the results at this point.

Last night, when the polls were suggesting Clinton would just squeak through, my husband told me something he’d read in Reason magazine; that it was worrying to realise that if a competent racist without a history of sexual assault allegations was running for president in America today, he’d win. It now seems that an incompetent racist with a history of sexual assault allegations can do so. It’s beyond terrifying to think how many voters may have found his racism a feature rather than a bug. Or how many disliked the idea of a woman as president so much that they would literally vote for any available alternative.


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    I do not support Trump, but I understand that he is all talk and is a lot more liberal leaning that Hillary is.

    Hilary’s main goal is to reignite the war over seas. That is something I can just not stand for. I am opposed to war with ever fiber of my being, and I would sooner see the greedy, sexist, chauvinistic pig that is Donald J. Trump as my president than the warmongering Hilary Clinton.

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