Blag Hag

Ok, so for people like me who obsess over meter and verse, some things are weird. Symmetry is one of them.

So go and welcome “Blag Hag” Jen McCreight, who has upset the symmetry of our FTB homepage, and tell her Cuttlefish has a nervous tic that’s all her fault.

Ok, you don’t have to do that last bit. But go, read, comment, enjoy.

I’ll get over the lack of symmetry.


  1. LadyDreamgirl says

    Would it be impossible to center Jen’s section at the bottom? Otherwise the group could seek to find an additional member to bring balance back to the force, err… to Freethought blogs. Of course there are non aesthetic issues that still need to worked out with the Free Thought Blogs, so perhaps attempting to satisfy the the urge for a pleasantly balanced main page aught to be set aside for more pressing issues.

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