Vanity post: Even Handed Odds

Some of you may know that I played in a band called Even Handed Odds for a while. The band has since broken up (meaning that we no longer play our own music), but we still play covers on occasion down at the Copper Tank, a bar in Kitsilano, on Friday nights.

Here’s a video of us doing a cover of “Home For a Rest” by Spirit of the West:

Right before we broke up, we recorded two songs at a local studio. I finally got around to uploading the audio of the finished product to Soundcloud, in case people were interested.

My personal favourite is this one, simply called “Space”:

There’s also the one that would have likely been our radio single, called “Gravity”:

If you’re in the city of Vancouver on a Friday night, you should come check us out!

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  1. F says

    ooh – original tunes FTW.

    Warning: Loud high-quality recording. You may want to have yer finger on teh system volume control. Especially if you use headphones. 😀

  2. F says

    And if I may continue spamming the comment thread: There is further treasure to be found on the Soundcloud page.

  3. says

    Heh, for some reason I always figured you played in a rock band. You destroy at the fiddle though, it’s awesome. And I like the intricacy of your bands originals. If you don’t mind me asking, what made you guys stop with the originals? Just too hard to keep up the workload of real life and a band? Also, if you’d like to hear a fellow atheist’s musical stylings (mine), you could always pop in at (if that’s too much of a blatant plug, you can edit it out of the post, hahaha).

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