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Because I am an atheist…

…I have no fear of death. All the blasphemy, all the sodomy, all the bestiality, all the coveting, all of the murdering and all the making of craven images and worshipping of idols (I’m just making stuff up here because I lead a pretty boring, simple life but you get the point) I do is of no real concern. I don’t worry one whit about hell.

Because I’m an atheist I lead a moral life due to my own thoughtful consideration. I don’t bother with blasphemy, sodomy, bestiality, coveting (much :) ) or making craven images (is that really a christian worry? sounded right) because it’s either just not part of my personality or I have given thoughtful consideration to such acts and chosen to not engage in them. I’m not sure what all the other christian rules are but you get the idea; I don’t act good because of threats, I do it based on my own moral compass or simply due to my own personality.

Because of my atheism I don’t fret over my gay friends going to hell. Or my atheist friends going to hell. Or my muslim friends going to hell. Or -anyone- going to hell. To hell with that nonsense.

Because of my atheism I lead a more peaceful, truthful life.

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  1. baal says

    craven images
    It’s graven images. Grave = carved etymologically. I’m actually fond of calling them craven (cowardly) images as well but it’s a bit snarkier than I prefer for blog comments.

    I’m semi-tempted to write a “because i am an atheist” but the posts so far (and this one) have expressed most or all I’d say and they largely hit the same themes. It’s striking how declaring oneself atheist also hits a wake up and live life (and do it well!) button.

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