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Today’s contribution comes from Daniel, who runs the site Northier Than Thou.

Because I am an atheist…

…I know that there is no justice but that made by humans. There is no karma, no Heaven, no Hell, nor any other means by which the universe will right the wrongs we commit, reward us for our good deeds, or even the score for those who’ve been short-changed. Because I am an atheist I will not accept religious excuses for mistreatment of other people. Because I am an atheist, I will not comfort myself when those I have failed anyone who passes away in suffering. They will receive no compensation on the other side, because there is no other side. If no-one here can help, then those in need will receive no help. This life is the only one any living thing will ever have, and if we don’t make it right, the cosmos will not make good on the difference.

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  1. Antoinette says

    Excellent. Most people, in my experience, believe in karma of some sort, even if they are atheists. I don’t. Like the idea of an afterlife, it is a comforting thought, but it is wishful thinking, false, and also dangerous, as I think your statement above demonstrates.

  2. says

    Spiritualism and Theosophy were the religion I grew up with. I always thought of karma as a religious concept. Heaven and Hell were always someone else’s religious beliefs, but when I walked away from faith, karma was the cosmic justice I gave up in the process.

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