SSA Blogathon songathon – Lagavulin

Well… apparently I’m not done yet.

jolo5309 requested some next-level jazz stuff that I simply couldn’t pull off with an acoustic guitar, so I asked him to re-request something. He foolishly asked me for some Canadian prairie rock, not realizing that I am newly a huge fan of Saskatchewan’s Wide Mouth Mason. I’ve been looking for an excuse to learn this song for a while, so it worked out perfectly I’d say.

Compare this to the original here.

There’s a couple more requests to handle, and then I am calling it quits for reals.

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  1. wmdon says

    I saw them in concert just a few months ago, with their new bassist, the incomparable Gordie Johnson.

    Yes, THAT Gordie Johnson.

    WMM opened for Big Sugar, and then stuck around and played the rest of the concert as back up. It was spectacular.

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