Movie Friday: Clint Eastwood

So last week I mentioned that my band does a cover of ‘Clint Eastwood’ by the Gorillaz. The cool thing about this song is that it features the rhyming of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, so covering it gives me a chance to rap, and provides the audience with something you don’t often see at a pub night. I said I’d get a recording for ya, so here it is:

I wish I could do something about the sound, but the microphone on my mobile doesn’t handle noise too well. If anyone knows a ‘fix’ for that I’d greatly appreciate it. If you’d like to contrast my performance with the original, here it is:

The self-aggrandizement continues!

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  1. mywall says

    Not sure if there’s much you can do with the existing video but maybe next time consider speaking to the sound guy. It’s often possible for them to record a feed from the venue mixer. Give them a phone call or email before hand and ask what they can do.

  2. says

    Oh WTH, Crom. Why are you the coolest person ever? Del (in all his forms) is one of my favorite artists. It made me so happy to see this. Great job!

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