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It brings me great pleasure (and no small amount of personal satisfaction) to welcome Natalie Reed to the FTBorg collective:

My name is Natalie Reed, and I’m newly arrived here to Freethought Blogs. Before this move, I was a writer for the Skepchick network, and managing editor for sister siteQueereka. I’m young and grossly unqualified, but people seem to enjoy what I do. “What I do” generally being posts on trans and queer issues, gender, sexuality and so on from a skeptical, secular perspective.

I’m probably just going to go right on doing more or less the same sort of thing here at FTB, though the fact that I now have my own little niche, and will be posting on a more regular basis, will allow me to quickly start branching out into other areas as well. I’d love to start discussing LGBTQ issues in a more general sense, and also start covering other areas of particular interest to me, such as addiction and mental health issues, Canadian stuff (helping out my lovely colleagues Crommunist and the Lousy Canuck), feminism in general, some of my “hobbies” like linguistics, literature and neuroscience, and also some of my own takes on atheism, skepticism, humanism and related subjects. Maybe even some “traditional” skeptic topics like alt-med, God, conspiracy theories and cryptids, too!

Natalie is a fellow Vancouverite (I can already hear the mid-western USA contingent quaking with fear and anger as the left coast crew makes its presence known), and a personal friend of mine so I’m thrilled to have her as a colleague here. Warning: she is very good at what she does. Second warning: if you desert me for her I will be very sad.

Anyway, it’s a good day for FTB, a good day for Natalie, and a good day for all of you. Go say hello AND THEN COME RIGHT BACK BECAUSE I WILL MISS YOU WHILE YOU’RE GONE *pant, pant*. Wow… went a lil’ nuts there.

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  1. thaismcrc says

    It really is great news, I loved the things she wrote for Skepchick. And don’t worry, you’re not getting rid of us that easily.

  2. Besomyka says

    Y’all know each other? Huh, small world. What she wrote over on Queereka makes a bit more sense now! Glad that she’s still around!

    And don’t worry. I have y’all on RSS feeds. I’m not going anywhere.

  3. Riptide says

    Goddamnit, now I have *another* very well-written blog to keep track of while I’m trying to rouse myself and get to school for an un-YahwAlladhA-ish hour twice a week. (The other two schooldays have a more reasonable starting class at 12:30 in the afternoon.)

    Thanks a *ton*.

  4. says

    Yep. We are taking over. Actually it makes sense. The percentage of non-believers is higfher in Canada than it is in the US so canadians should have a higher representation of freethought blogs in general.

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