Origami: Circular Hypar

Circular hypar

Circular Hypar, a “common” design

This model dates back to when I was experimenting with curved creases.  A very simple model is to make alternating creases in concentric circles, and cut out the center of the paper.  To me, it’s such a simple thing, but I’ve heard a lot of people really like this one.

If you like this one, check out the sculptures of Erik Demaine!

If I recall correctly, I originally got the idea from Erik Demaine in the first place.  He has a course in mathematical origami, and videos of the lectures can be found online.  I recall him talking about the square hypar–made from nested square creases rather than circular creases.  The interesting thing about a hypar is that it’s impossible with mathematically ideal paper.  That means that a real hypar must involve additional creases, or stretching the paper.

For a circular hypar?  Nobody knows if it’s possible or not.

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