Origami: Nested boxes

Four octagonal boxes (without covers)

Octagonal boxes by Tomoko Fuse. From Origami Boxes, if I recall correctly

Today, I present a set of octagonal boxes, designed by Tomoko Fuse.  Rather than providing a design with exact specifications, Tomoko Fuse tends to present several possible variations.  This design has cosmetic variations, which create different patterns of color; and structural variations, allowing you to create wide and short boxes, or narrow and tall boxes.  These boxes don’t have covers, but the idea is that you could make two boxes of slightly different width, and use the wider one as a cover for the narrower one.  I created a set of four of slightly different dimensions, so they could be nested (image below the fold).

octagonal boxes, nested

The paper I used, I believe is scrapbooking paper, not intended for origami use.  Perfect for this design, because of its thicker stock and striking patterns.


  1. says

    These are great Siggy. Thanks for showing them off. I haven’t made an origami gift box in a long time. Mine were always square. They look professionally done, like you could buy them at a store.

  2. kestrel says

    Wonderful! I always spend the holiday folding paper boxes so I can put gifts or cookies etc. in them. The ones I know how to fold do have lids, but mine too come from Tomoko Fuse. I have several of her books. I think origami boxes are very elegant decoration and they are actually part of my holiday decorations.

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