Origami: Three axis woven design

three axis woven design

Three Axis Woven Design, designed by David Huffman

I haven’t been posting much origami lately, because I haven’t been making any.  But I still have quite a number of models in my back catalog.  This is the Three Axis Woven Design, designed by David Huffman, later reconstructed and named by Erik Demaine.

This piece was painstakingly constructed as a gift for my grand aunt, who recently died.  She was an actress who played Asian characters circa the 1950s, and was a great appreciator of the arts.  She lived a full life.

I wanted to use this large patterned paper, although it isn’t entirely appropriate for origami, since I’m sure it would tear if refolded too many times.  So I used ruler and compass to draw out all the creases, and made each crease only once.  The final model is almost a square foot.

three axis woven design crease pattern


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    That is incredible origami. I really don’t come on here enough. I might try to replicate something like that. Great idea. I’m into folding paper animals when I do origami, but the geogami stuff looks far more impressive.

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    You may post the image and link with credit; but don’t quote the entire post please. (And if anyone else would like to share the image, please ask permission).

    Origami designs like these are quite challenging for beginners in my experience. For beginners I would recommend the book Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde, which has detailed instructions. If you’re set on trying Huffman-style tessellations, the first one I would recommend is the “Exdented boxes” (folding pattern available through the Erik Demaine paper I linked).

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