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Apr 16 2013

Person of the forest.


Orangutan is a Malay word. It means person of the forest. A couple of hundred Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus, the rarest orangutans, are recently found in the forests of Indonesia. Orangutans share 97% of our DNA. They are our cousins, but we don’t spare them, we kill them the way we kill other animals. The truth …

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Apr 12 2013

The face tells all.


Australopithecus sediba was half human-like and half chimp-like animal. Researchers said, “Sediba shows a strange mix of primitive australopithecine traits and derived Homo traits — face and anterior dentition like Homo, shape of the cranium like Homo, other parts of the face and size of the cranium like an australopithecine, arms like an australopithecine, pelvis …

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Jan 04 2013

I’ll be there for you!


Bonobos like to share. Yes, they do. Like humans, Bonobos even share food with strangers. Bonobos share with strangers to get better acquainted. Bonobos share to make new friends! Bonobos are intelligent, social! I do not think they share only for social benefits, I think they share because they care for others. Like humans, Bonobos …

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