Why does Fox News hate Christmas?

Talking Points Memo describes how Fox News seems to go out of its way to make us all frightened and depressed about Christmas.

In the days before Thanksgiving, Fox filled its shows with dire, sometimes terrifying segments about all the threats surrounding the merriest season of the year. There’s the eradication of free speech by atheist “loons,” the possibility of choking on our food, the diseases spread on airplanes, and the endless depression that comes from Christmas commercials.

If we even make it to Christmas, that is. Fox’s morning man Bill Hemmer charted the possibility that the “apocalypse” would arrive on Dec. 22, and just how sad it will be when we all get wiped out, leaving all those unopened presents under the tree.


If it wasn’t for Fox News, I would never remember to sign up for my annual stint to fight the war on Christmas …