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Aug 22 2013

Honoring the honorable

The least we can do…Nirmukta has a tribute to Dr.Narendra Dabholkar.

Aug 18 2013

SkepticDoc, M.D.

Do I place a higher value on reason, critical thinking, and skepticism or on the interpretation of feelings as accurate indicators of truth (e.g., if I feel harassed, I was harassed), arguments from experience, and the uncritical acceptance of third wave feminist ideology? Some tendentious derpwad on the internet All claims require evidence, whether they …

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Jul 27 2013

An acupuncture poll

Every time I despair at the stupidity rampant in my own country, along comes the UK to reassure me that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Does acupuncture work?  51% Yes  49% No Jebus. Seriously?

Jul 17 2013

Department of Completely Unqualified Politicians Given Responsibilities for Which They Are Ill-Equipped

The UK Health Secretary, the man in charge of the National Health Service, is a fellow named Jeremy Hunt. He believes in homeopathy. Here is an excerpt from a letter he wrote to a constituent, defending homeopathy. I understand that it is your view that homeopathy is not effective, and therefore that people should not …

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Jul 13 2013

Sing it, Carl

Blake Stacey has a good quote quoted at Science after Sunclipse: The business of skepticism is to be dangerous. Skepticism challenges established institutions. If we teach everybody, including, say, high school students, habits of skeptical thought, they will probably not restrict their skepticism to UFOs, aspirin commercials, and 35,000-year-old channelees. Maybe they’ll start asking awkward …

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Jul 11 2013

Someone’s trying to stir up trouble…

And this time, it’s not me! Let’s hear it for the expectation of a little consistency from skeptics.

Jul 04 2013

Here’s a useful word for you: confabulation

Eben Alexander, the doctor who claimed to have visited heaven, is slowly getting exposed as a guy who makes stuff up (sadly, most of the story is behind a paywall…you’ll have to get the details second-hand). I could have told you that. Wait, I did tell you that. What’s really unfortunate is that even discovering …

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Jun 22 2013

Cystic Fibrosis is all your fault

Cystic Fibrosis is a serious genetic disorder caused by the inheritance of a defective transporter protein. It leads to an accumulation of mucus and fluids in the lungs that can cause progressive scarring and damage to the tissue, and eventually loss of so much lung function that respiration is inadequate, and the victim dies. It’s …

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Jun 12 2013

DJ Grothe responds

He didn’t care much for my criticism of their advertising copy yesterday, so he sent me an email. I’m not sure if you [it was cc'ed to several people] want to be kept up on things like this (we try not to get distracted by bloggers who have a habit of taking aim at JREF, …

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Jun 12 2013

Kiwis and chickens

This is a very nice video that has a metaphor that I quite liked for different kinds of pseudoscience. So some kinds of pseudoscience are so dotty and foundationless that they’re like kiwis: they are so wrong that they never get off the ground, and they don’t even try. Religion, for instance, is a total …

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