Jul 24 2012

People paying to see me talk?

It always amazes me, but here you go: you’re going to have to plunk down $8 to see me talk science in Washington DC on 18 August. At least I’m really, really cheap.


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    Note: It’s free for CFI members! :-)

  2. 2
    PZ Myers

    Oh, no! I’m even cheaper!

  3. 3

    Is there a discount for pharyngulites?

  4. 4

    We have many pharyngulites who are CFI members:-) In all seriousness though we’re a non-profit and we have to pay to rent the space-a very nice Theatre with free parking and metro access I might add. However if you’re a student or low-income you can email mhensley (at) centerforinquiry {dot} net.

    Event Coordinator

  5. 5
    David Utidjian

    Simon (and PZ): US $8 is a bargain these days! Especially considering what a movie costs. Not that a movie and a talk by PZ is equivalent but about the same amount of time, in a theater, and at least one is guaranteed to be entertaining ;-)

    Anyhow… it is billed as a ‘fundraising’ event, but will you be able to raise much funds at such a low price? I know DC isn’t cheap and I have paid twice as much ten years ago for similar events billed in NYC. Just asking.

  6. 6
    Nicole Introvert

    I’m glad you are so cheap. Makes it very affordable to spend a little extra money to drive up from Richmond to see you.

  7. 7
    Bob Dowling

    US $8 is a bargain these days! Especially considering what a movie costs.

    But will there be popcorn for sale? And can the audience chuck it at the speaker?

  8. 8
    David Utidjian

    Bob Dowling @7: Well there is a luncheon just before the talk so I suppose one could load up on ‘ammunition’ there. Perhaps not popcorn but olives and various canapes and hors d’ouvres. I wouldn’t toss food at PZ anyhow for two reasons: I am a foodie and I like PZ’s talks.

    I haven’t tossed food at anyone since a food fight in the cafeteria in 6th grade (the food sucked and there was no talk.)

  9. 9
    Gregory in Seattle

    @simonsays #4 – I can’t make it, but I’d be happy to kick in for a few scholarships.

  10. 10

    @David Utidjian:

    but will you be able to raise much funds at such a low price?

    Thanks for asking! Actually the luncheon before the talk at Siroc Restaurant is the fundraiser: http://bit.ly/pzluncheon

    And since you’re a foodie (as am I) you’ll be quite happy with the fare! There’s enough restaurants in DC that if we’re going to do events with a food element we do our best to ensure that we pick the good ones. Likewise with venue selection for our non-food events :-)

    PS if folks want to spread the word and invite friends on facebook here are the links:

    Luncheon: https://www.facebook.com/events/362957473775500/
    Lecture: https://www.facebook.com/events/321507097939033/

  11. 11
    onion girl, OM; social workers do it with paperwork

    Pharyngulites will definitely be represented. :) And the lunch before the talk is at Siroc, absolutely fantastic Italian–Butternut Squash Cappellacci…YUM.

    I could probably organize a trip to a pub/bar if any Horde members want to socialize after the talk. Arlington has a number of good places.

  12. 12

    You are only cheap in August in DC, because it’s a ghost town.

  13. 13

    @Gregory in Seattle:

    That is very generous and your support would be most appreciated. Our Executive Director Melody Hensley can ensure that the funds go towards free registration for students or low income people in the area. We’ve gotten similar donations for events in the past and are happy to oblige.

    The donation form for CFI-DC is here: https://secure3.convio.net/cfi/site/Donation2?df_id=2380&2380.donation=form1 and you can fill in your own gift amount.

    If you have any questions email mhensley (at) centerforinquiry {dot} net.

  14. 14
    PZ Myers

    If anyone is going to throw food at me, let me know ahead of time. I could do my trained seal imitation! Clap my hands, go “ork ork!” and catch it in my mouth — an added entertainment bonus!

  15. 15

    Simon (and PZ): US $8 is a bargain these days! Especially considering what a movie costs.

    $8 is about what a movie costs around here. For that kind of dough I want some explosions and gratuitous nudity.

  16. 16
    David Utidjian


    But can you ask the movie questions…. and get answers?

  17. 17

    In fairness, 3D movies are pricier. Just sayin’

  18. 18
    PZ Myers

    Oh, gosh, you’d have to tip really big to get me to strip on stage.

  19. 19

    PZ Myers
    24 July 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Oh, gosh, you’d have to tip really big to get me to strip on stage.

    No prob. I’ve got a big tankard full of change. But what about the explosions?

  20. 20

    But what about the explosions?

    Those will have to be pre-recorded. Arlington County fire code is pretty strict.

  21. 21
    PZ Myers

    But what about the explosions?

    I suppose I could go out for Mexican at lunch.

  22. 22

    No, lunch is Italian remember!* Dinner afterwards is a different story however…

  23. 23

    Wait, don’t University of Minnesota students regularly do this for you…? At higher cost? :)

  24. 24

    @PZ Myers

    Oh, gosh, you’d have to tip really big to get me to strip on stage.

    How much of a tip is required to get you to keep your clothes ON?

  25. 25

    Carl Sagan asked what he thought were ridiculous sums of money in hopes that people would leave him alone. For some strange reason, people kept throwing money at him.

  26. 26

    Oh, sure. Murphy’s Law strikes again. The one time I’m on holidays in the same part of the country that you’re speaking in and I miss you by a week. I’m going to complain to your boss. Your wife will be speaking at you later.

  27. 27
    Crudely Wrott

    Eight bucks? Harrumph! Cheap at twice the price.
    You come anywhere near me and I’ll pony up, I double damn guarantee that, pardner.

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