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Nov 21 2012

A little immature snicker

News out of San Francisco: San Francisco shed a vestige of its free-spirited past as local lawmakers narrowly approved a citywide ban on public nudity. Casting aside complaints that forcing people to cover up would undermine San Francisco’s reputation as a city without inhibitions, the Board of Supervisors voted 6-5 on Tuesday in favour of an …

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Nov 19 2012

SERIOUSLY?! Episode Six

Happy Monday, all! The Rev and I were at it again, this time taking on a pair of stories of political nonsense from the United States. Video and links are below the fold:

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Nov 09 2012

Movie Friday: W. Kamau Bell (again)

If I were a stand-up comedian, I would be quickly out of a job because everyone would say “you’re just a less-funny version of W. Kamau Bell”: There’s really not much more to say than that. Like this article? Follow me on Twitter!

Nov 08 2012

Presented without comment

It’s going to be okay, I promise. Like this article? Follow me on Twitter!

Nov 01 2012

How is a black man like a parking space?

Because all the good ones are taken or gay! Wait… I think I screwed that joke up. Speaking of things that are screwed up, here’s a thing: Extremist Christian and Bishop Earl Walker Jackson may believe gays are ‘sick’, but he has admitted he thinks they have stolen ‘all the nice looking black men.’ He made …

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Oct 30 2012

The fall of (giving) a damn

The Scene: An expansive penthouse office in heaven. YAHWEH sits at a desk, happily munching on a bowl of peanuts and playing The Sims. YAHWEH: Oh I know the stove is on fire, little Sim dude. But somebody sold all the doors and windows out of the house, so now the fire department can’t get in! Not so …

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Oct 25 2012

Allergic to logic

The Scene: Heaven – Intelligence Design Inc., a celestial engineering firm. Angels toil away on various projects, some at architect’s easels, others at lab benches, other stitching together prototypes of different animal species. A senior angel wanders the corridors, supervising. A peal of trumpets announces the (unexpected) arrival of YAHWEH. Supervisor: Lord! (All angels look up from …

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Oct 17 2012

Okay, I actually DON’T ‘get’ this one


I talked earlier about people who criticize those who don’t respond positively to cruel and dehumanizing humour as not ‘getting it’. What’s the matter? You don’t think that this is funny? Why, just because it’s all based on the abuse of oppressed people? Because it’s cruel and deeply offensive? Because the jokes are built upon …

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Aug 17 2012

Movie Friday: Picking cotton on a racist field trip

On Wednesday my girlfriend and I went to a live comedy show at a place called Falconetti’s in Vancouver. The comedian was talking about babysitting his nephew (who is of Chinese descent) and hearing his wife sing to the toddler the kid’s song “I’ve been working on the railroad“, and expressing his comical shock and …

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Aug 10 2012

A tremendous loss to us all

Some day soon I will detail some information about the kind of mansplaining douchebro I used to be in the not-too-distant past. It will have to suffice for now when I tell you that I have said just about everything that those who use the term “feminazi” feel comfortable saying (with the exception of rape threats …

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