Oct 14 2011

Movie Friday – Gravity

Those of you who read my intro post, or who have been reading for a while, or who know me personally, know that I play in a band called CROWN. If I could go to the band store and pick out the components of my perfect band, I would end up with something that very closely resembles CROWN. It’s a rare pleasure to get to work with 3 other creative people with no egos or private agendas – all our decisions are consensus-based, and even a big chunk of our song-writing is fully collaborative. I also get to hop around to many different instruments and enjoy both the spotlight and supporting roles.

This past Friday a friend of the band’s* shot some videos and stills at our regular live performance at the King’s Head, which is a restaurant in Kitsilano. She compiled them into a pretty impressive video:

The song playing over the video is one of our original tunes, called “Gravity”**. It’s available on iTunes for download, or you could just come to the King’s Head tonight and buy a CD from me in person. Hope you enjoy the video!

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*Who is a great photographer should you be trying to memorialize some upcoming event
** Yes, that’s me singing lead vocals. Line up single file please, ladies…


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  1. 1

    I like it!

  2. 2

    Then I like you.

  3. 3

    I’m sad that I live in the wrong Vancouver! This has become my new favorite blog, by the way.

  4. 4

    High praise. Thanks! I will do my best to give you no reason to change your mind.

  5. 5

    That sounds radio-quality, right there. (Don’t tell me if it’s been played–I have a general policy against liking music that’s been on radio. Think of it as a mild case of hipsterism. ;)

  6. 6

    Gravity?! Everyone know it’s Intelligent Falling

  7. 7
    Tisha Irwin

    Love that song! Bought the album and it’s going into my regular rotation, but only 4 songs?! When will there be more?

  8. 8

    We’re heading back to the studio at the beginning of 2012 to record a full-length album. No idea how long that will take, or when it will be available but I will definitely not slack on promoting it.

    We have live recordings up on our website if you are craving more immediately.

  9. 9
    Johnny Vector

    Too many FTBs, too little time! I’m embarrassed to admit I saw this first on DC’s blog. Oh well, at least I saw it, right?

    Anyway, really nice. I’ve been kinda stuck on one band for a while, and I think you could help with that. As Billy Boyd once said it comes in EPs? I’m gettin’ one!

  10. 10

    There are a lot of us. I don’t blame you for not landing here yet, and I am definitely grateful to DC and Daniel (CwH) for the link love.

    Glad you like the music! We’ll keep making more.

  11. 11
    Johnny Vector

    Well I had already decided I like you as a blogger; I just hadn’t looked at this entry yet. Tell Ed he should consider occasionally re-sorting the order in which blogs appear on the main page.

    Only trouble is four songs isn’t gonna hardly make a dent in the 14 hour flight I’m about to start. But it should inspire me to get back to work on my own band’s tracks. Maybe we’ll finish a CD before I die.

  12. 12
    Ibis3, Let's burn some bridges

    Duly downloaded. And where’d you say that queue is?

  13. 13

    I wish I could go to Kitsilano. We were last there when we made a pilgrimage of sorts for the 20th anniversary of Vancouver Pride. Unfortunately, even if we sold everything we owned, we still wouldn’t be able to afford a down payment on anything remotely livable in that area.

  14. 14
    Ibis3, Let's burn some bridges

    This just came up in my iPod shuffle & I like it just as much on the second listening. I like my music with a bit of flavour and Gravity has it. Looking forward to the other songs.

  15. 15

    No, no, no, you don’t get to taunt us with fiddle pictures and not let us hear said fiddle, dammit.

    Loving the arrangement on that tune and from the look of your instrumentation on that vid I’m keen to hear others.

  16. 16

    You can check out our Youtube channel for lots more videos, including ones with me on the viola.

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