IS is following Muhammad the prophet.

The Yazidi women are held as sex slaves by IS.

No individual or organization or state follow Islam as accurately as IS or Islamic State. Muhammad Killed non-Muslim men and used their girls and women as sex slaves. IS guys did the same. They killed Yazidi men and held Yazidi girls and women as sex slaves.

Islam always advise Muslims to do everything what Muhammad the prophet did. Eventhough Muslim men love their prophet, it is extremely rare that they marry 13 times or marry a 6-year-old girl or their daughter in law. It is IS that shows the courage to behave like true Muslims and adapt the character of the prophet. The prophet loved swords or knives to kill people, IS does the same. The prophet treated women as sex slaves, IS does the same. The prophet occupied land by arms and violence, IS does the same. The prophet destroyed non-Muslims’ temples and sculptures, IS does the same.


  1. Shankar says

    Mam, I was knowing these info.Can you add little information about to this? Also I wanted to know what was the religion followed by people of Arab during preislamic era? i.e Before 7th century. Thanks.

  2. narinder singh says

    I salute ur courage for expressing ur views in such plain words. I myself have not studied Islam in details but when someone says that anyone who doesn’t profess or follow Islam is Kafir (as per Islam guidelines) Its hard to consume such ugly statements. Most of the times when u hear such preachings it gives you an impression of Kabila Raj (tribal system) where only ur own kabila is supreme, others r ur utter enemies and they have to be eliminated at any cost but how could such principles be the guidelines of a Religion called Islam, which is said to be the Religion of Peace and harmony. By pursuing these traditions how can one think of PEACE…

    • shiraz ali says

      Less knowledge is always bieng a hurdle and degrade you. First of all i would like to tell u that in Quran it is not any single verse in which killing of innocent is proved fair , but if u go through right meaning of full verse u get the truth in which. Allah says in battle ground to fight and kill your enemy but in case if they feel regret and not intereted in fighting , then let them go or take themm to safe place. Islam never allows sex with any lady other than wife . Islam is religion of peace and hummanity. Apart from this people think most of the terrorist are muslims. But they are not muslim who kill others . Quran says u dont have right to kill any indivisual . If u killed any indivisual it means u have killed full humanity .

      • says

        Qur’an Chapter 2:191 “Kill disbelievers wherever you find them…”
        Qur’an Chapter 4:89 “…seize them (disbelievers) and kill them wherever you find them…”
        Qur’an Chapter 8:12 “…strike them (disbelievers) upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip…”
        Islam means “peace through submission”. The Qur’an commands Muslims to kill those who don’t submit.

        Many people who were born Muslims disagree and have left Islam. They are persecuted as apostates. However, ex-Muslim groups are growing fast and working hard to end this.

        If you are a Muslim who wants to leave Islam, you are not alone. Join one of these groups for support.

        If you want to push back against Islamic violence, donate to one of these organizations. It will make a big difference.


  3. Bh Bh says

    Killing poor animals,Killing innocence women’s life and creating always disturbances in Society are Islam agendas. I feel ashamed when indian seculars targeted Hindu religion in the name of Secular even though they(Hindu’s) saw gods in animals, women’s and in nature.

  4. Alka Gupta says

    I cannot agree more on what Taslima is writing in her articles. I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Well written and Bravo!

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