1. Friends says

    Love to see how wild can some one have their imagination go about. And this is honestly the wildest one I have come across 🙂 . Hope folks don’t take this sheer piece of imaginary work too seriously 😉 .

    • Isha says

      Oh yes. Deary me, we mustn’t take these silly women’s narratives too seriously. Gosh, let’s not think our pretty little heads off or let our imaginations get all wild.

      But pray, what part shouldn’t people take seriously? Moving from the first frame to the second? Frame seven perhaps?

      Or maybe this stuff

      Or are you just saying we shouldn’t take anything that happens to women seriously? Silly things and their imaginations.

    • Tom Robbins says

      How dare you. You disgusting little ignorant. Begone from this place lest you taint the data here with your sick. You have the strongest of misnomers, and the coldest of hearts.I hope you choke on your stupid little smile.

    • says

      Allowing you the benefit of the doubt (that you aren’t just a troll)… You still need to specify EXACTLY what you think is wrong with the piece.
      You will likely need citations for that.

      Each one of the frames (arguably excluding 8) represent actual real cases of what women including children are forced to wear.

      Is there any one of these that you dispute?

      Do you somehow dispute that these form a progression from least extreme to most?

      Do you somehow dispute that this makes women increasingly invisible in societies that require this form of dress?

      It is easy to make a little happy face troll drive by attack. Harder to back up your position.


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